What backup method for Groupwise 6.5?

Please refer to Title: Restore deleted Netware and Groupwise accounts, Q_21908585.html.

We've been using GWBACK32.EXE to backup our Groupwise post office.  As our last precicament indicates, this is not the best backup method for version 6.5 (or maybe any version).  GWBACK32.EXE is from a previous version, as well as DBCOPY.EXE, which doesn't seem to work in backing up WPDOMAIN.DB.

What method should we use to backup the domain and post office for Groupwise v6.5?
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dotENGConnect With a Mentor Commented:
BackupExec from Symantec (ex Veritas) - http://www.symantec.com/Products/enterprise?c=prodinfo&refId=139&cid=1018 
ArcServe from CA - http://www3.ca.com/solutions/Product.aspx?id=3371

You should also read comments from ShineOn, billmercer and PsiCop in the following Qs

For me the last usable and stable version of ArcServe was 6.1j or 6.01j, it wont do you any good today (it was 6-9 years ago), but I think it expresses my thoughts about ArcServe.
Well, that covers BE, too, dotENG - IMHO it sux rox.  I haven't met a version of BE that I DO like, for that matter.  The LAST BE for NetWare is 9.1, IIRC, since Symantec can't turn around without Bill giving out a grunt.

If youdon't take into consideration ARCserve 11.1 SP2, then I'd have to agree with you - ARCserve 7 and 9 for NetWare were not all that great, but at least their backup GFS rotation still made sense - not like BS, er, BE.  Here's hoping that if/when they finally release 11.5 for NetWare/OES it'll work well, but hey, 11.5 for Windoze isn't all that stable... they packed a bunch of features into it and apparently tossed QC out the window in a rush to ship, but 11.1 isn't bad - big improvement over 7 and 9, and at least CA hasn't abandoned Novell like Symantec has.

Anything that will let you use Novell SMS (Storage Management Services, as opposed to M$'s "Stupid Management Service")  and its TSA's will let you do open-file backups of GroupWise 6.x and later.  If I had my druthers, I'd go for Syncsort Backup Express, but another that competes in the same space as Syncsort is CommVault, and they get good reviews for their products, overall...
The current Netware version of BE is now 9.2, it's slightly less sucky than 9.1. You can now rename tapes without formatting them, and it seems to crash less. For now, I'd still suggest BE over ArcServe, as I think it will take a little time before the Symantec quality standards infect the Veritas products.
IMHO, if they don't already have BE, they should consider it a dead-end, possible stopgap-only product and think long and hard before choosing it over an actively-supported product, which ARCserve 11.x is.  Because of that factor, ARCserve would be the better business choice in the low-component-cost backup software arena than would Backup Exec.

However, as I indicated, if I had the option to start fresh, I'd go for Syncsort or CommVault and forget both BE and ARCserve.
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