Store and view mesages Exch Serv 2003

Here is an easy bunch of points for someone I'm sure.  We're looking at putting in an exchange server, and I would like to have it set up in such a way that:

1.  All emails are stored on the server and not on the local machine

2.  A select group of people can view all emails

3.  Users themselves cannot completely delete a message from the server

4.  No matter where a user logs in, when they open outlook, they get their email

I am pretty sure I can do number one on my own. 2, 3 and 4 are boggling me.  I have great books on exch server, but I'd rather get the fast plain english from someone if i could.
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kristinawConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. This is the default. You can configure outlook not to allow pst's, which would be the common way people get email to the local machine. Be aware that that will have other implications, read more about it here:


3. Not really sure why you'd want to do this. most admins have the other problem, they can't get people to delete things. You could set deleted item retention on the server that will help the situation. What exactly are you trying to accomplish here, other than a long term storage nightmare?

4. If you use roaming profiles, this is the default. You could also do something like call a prf file from a login script to configure Outlook for first use if a user has no profile on that machine:

abarneslouorthoAuthor Commented:
1. Great, didnt know that one for sure.

2.  Thanks, that should do what I want

3.  Not a nightmare, I am setting very low quotas.  Now what I am trying to accomplish here is you know how office workers gossip, and instead of everyone being able to talk all day on email and then delete it all, I want to be able to go in once a week and check everything that seems suspicious before its all really gone.  (Storage is not an issue at all, only 75 users and 1TB of space :D )

4.  Thanks

Now just for clarification, the messages stored on the server will stay on the server right?  I dont want them being downloaded off of the server after being viewed.
yes, they'll stay on the server. this is what exchange is designed to do (aside from 'exchange' email)

for option 3, just go with journaling. that way ppl can delete stuff all they want and you still have a copy.


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