Maya Rendering and Publishing

I have a problem regarding publishing my Maya 3-D animated videos. Can someone describe the process to saving or exporting movies?
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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Jose ParrotGraphics ExpertCommented:

If movies are QuickTime mov or Windows avi or wmv, they are files to download, so just use the standard type (mov or avi). That is, the user download the entire clip to watch it in a media player.
If movies are for streaming, on must pay attention on what type of streaming is the indicated for each case.

This kind of video distribution is able to handle large traffic loads and can detect users' connection speeds to chose automatically the better rate. Can also broadcast scenes at live. The user doesn't download the entire clip, the video is loaded on demand instead.

Most ISPs offer this as a service, in a wide range of speeds, traffic, storage, etc. It is better to hire a such company than run your own servers, as the infrastructure and software licenses would be higher than the 3rd part services. BTW they are specialized on this kind of services, with load balancing, high rates sustain, secure web servers, and so on.

Basicaly, we have 3 big options for services: RealNetworks, Apple Quicktime and Macromedia.
Anyway it is quite expensive.

Another option is HTTP streaming, good for lower traffic, as few users watching at same time. If your audience is higher than an average of 50 or more simultaneous users, probably this option isn't indicated.
Of course, with HTTP streaming you don't have any of the advantages of high capacity streaming. Most problems occur due excessive load to the server.

Let me suggest a look at where you may find a good tutorial on how to export and publish your videos.

A point of attention is that Maya exports non compressed AVI. This makes the file size to be huge, making things difficult to the server and to the users, because it is almost impossible to download and watcg at same time. And of course the download time is much largher that to compressed AVI. A way of compress the AVI file is by using a good software like Adobe Premiere. You can also use the DivX codec, which is better to compresses the videos. DivX isn't so "official" as common AVI, but is pretty good and very popular.

wow thank you, awsome site  :)
you'll meet some unreal people there.
Regards Merete
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