new mobo/cpu combo

had to rma a 2yr old soyo k7vme/athlon xp2600 (mobo died - good thing i bought ext warranty).  i have a $110 credit at TigerDirect, so i need to purchase another mobo/cpu to go in my son's new case (looking for athlon 64 preferably).

anyone have experiences, good or bad with these below, caring to comment or offer advice on purchase?  -  main differences of chipset, audio, video (initial builtin vs later addition of agp & pciX) would be helpful.

BioStar - MATX - Nvidia



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Personally, I wouldn't use either one.  
Justin CollinsIT ManagerCommented:
If you have to choose out of the two, go with the Bio-Star.  Otherwise there are better alternatives for a little bit more money.  But if that is all you have to spend, then go with the biostar.  
*Remember when purchasing, neither of those two come with a heatsink/fan with the processor.
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Justin CollinsIT ManagerCommented:
Actually, to get a little more detailed and specific, what will you be doing with the computer?
The Asus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've got one of those in one of my machines.  Outstanding board.
Asus boards are good, but they tend to cost slightly more than the 2 mentioned above. Given the options above, I'd go for BioStar. If you are a gamer and want to be 'slightly' future proof, get a board with PCI-Express. It will be better for graphics card upgrade down the track.
The thing is (like Puter Geek said) there is no heatsink and cooling fan for items Biostar and Machspeed which are hidden stuffs that will adding the total costs, though.
I just put together a system at home and started with the ASUS.
Could not get any video functions at any level.
Their 'Help' web-site had at least two other customers with the same problem, but no solutions offered.
I thought the responses at their Help site were very poor.

I ended up shipping back the ASUS and going with a "Gigabyte" MB.
It works perfectly.
Running the AMD 64 bit 3500+ and Windows 'Vista'.
So far, so good.

Good Luck
FriarTukAuthor Commented:
yeah i'm aware of the hs+fan, plus i plan on getting that extended warrantly (it came in handy).  my son basically uses it for misc stuff like internet - the only intense gaming he does in on his xbox live.

that being said onbd graphics will be fine for now until xmas.  with below differences in mind which is better?  i would rather have a full atx vs micro, but can deal with the matx provided its features are better.  does anyone own one of these boards that has experience in setting them up & can inform me of actual issues with them?

                              biostar                         machspeed
form factor               matx                           atx
northbridge               nvidia geforce 6100      via k8t890
southbridge               nvidia nforce 410          via vt8237r
audio                        realtek alc655              ac 97
agp                          none                            mgp
pci                           2                                  3
pcixp x1                   1                                   2
pcixp x16                 1                                   1
usb 2.0                    6                                  8
pata & sata              2                                  2

ps - i'm also trying to keep the expense down, hence around $100 + hs/fan + warrantly + s/h
pss - i've heard great things about both asus & msi, although i haven't used either, and i plan on purchasing one for myself in the future (when prices drop more - probably when gas does - lol).
FriarTukAuthor Commented:
believe it or not, prior to Feb06, i was still using my p233mmx mobo which i replaced with a used p3-733 which i'll replace with an athlon 64 => 3200+

i plan on setting up an old acer 486 (dos622 + win31) & my old p233mmx (win95) & eventually this p3-733 (win98, currently winxp) for play.
Nowaday, buy a whole computer is better, though. It is cheap and you wont have to spend hours to install everything. Check websites from Dell, HP, etc see if they offer discounts. 100 bucks for just mobo + CPU, and you will have to spend more for case, power supply, memory, hard drives, DVD/CD ROM, etc. I bet this will save you more than self build a system.
Yes, punky, but you get what you pay for.  
That is true, though. I know many people like self-build, and choose what they like to have. That kinda fun when you have time to play around :)
FriarTukAuthor Commented:
thx jasfout, those links were helpful - i read the reviews

seems like biostar has lots of driver/bios issues, restart problems, slow performance, onbd video problems - despite its ratings (50% Excel, 24% Good)

as for machspeed (of 5 ratings = 60% bad) two were for the MGP port not being compatible with real AGP & running at PCI speed, one about a rebate

i may end up agreeing with knoxzoo's 1st comment, as well as all of your comments on finding another board (asus, msi, gigabyte)

i'll do some more research using reviews on newegg for boards listed on tigerdirect - thx for all the comments.
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