need a script/automation for default desktop image/wall paper plus some more stuff.......

Hi everyone..

To start with im not a computer savy one this so... but il pass on the answers from you guys i get to our tech. person in our firm.

I did not know which section to put the question in so i putted it here on top at programming....

Well anyway.. We need a script to configure the workstations in our company so that:

1) When a new user account is created it uses by default our company desktop wall paper with logo.

2) When that user account is made it the workstation does not create documents and settings on the windows drive (C:\ ) but it create the users dokumnet folder on the D:\ drive instead.

The reason for this is that if the pc crashes its lees odds that we will loose locally saved documents and we can just reinstall the pc with a new image without loosing any data - over and over again.. But using this config takes time... since we have to config this manually every time, on every new user account created.
So if we had a automated process for this, we would save a lot of time if we had a script/ormethod for this. And this also goes for the desktop image which we have manually configure every time.

Thanks in advance.
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First off, I do apologize for my elusiveness; I was out of town for a bit.

Secondly, I dont know what else to suggest on the wallpaper issue. All my my research has pointed me to the same suggestion I already gave you. My only other thought is that maybe when a new user is created, it pulls the relevant files from the Default User profile to apply the settings. Basically, what I'm saying is that if you keep the bmp file in the Default User's 'My Pictures' folder, rather than the C drive, maybe it will link that resource when a user is created.

Its just a theory, and I have no evidence to support it.
1) Assuming you're using windows XP, you need to configure the "Default User" profile. Each user that is created on that machine pulls its instructions and settings from that profile located in ~\Documents and Settings\Default User. It is actually a hidden folder, so if you do not currently have the ability to view hidden folders, open "My Computer", go to the Tools menu, select Folder Options, then the View tab at the top, and select "Show hidden files and folders" (its the 11th selection, on Win XP SP2). Follow this link for customization instructions:

2) Building on the Default User profile above, to change the location of the My Documents folder, Microsoft has prepared this:;en-us;310147
Apply those settings to the Default User profile mentioned above and each user will be created with this new "My Documents" configuration.
whatisthesolutionAuthor Commented:
Ok, thanks- we will lookinto it and see if it works..

I'l let you know how it goes..
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whatisthesolutionAuthor Commented:
Hi again!

FYI:Yes it is correct, we use Windows XP SP2 in our organisation.

Well we had "almost" succes with making the profile, but it does not use the our default company wallpaper that we wish to use. Instead when you logon to the machine it uses the default windows "blank" blue wallpaper as in the one that is used in windows 98, ME and 2000.
So how do we configure the machine to use our wallpaper as default?

The Document and Settings change to D drive instead of C drive- it worked -  but the documnet folder is now not a individual one, but all users hsare the same document folder.

Thats ok, but if it is possible to confige the box to assign a new individual document folder to each user on the d drive would be better.

Thanks in advance for your answer!
Very strange that the background is showing up as the default blue. Because normally, the default wallpaper is the "rolling hills" picture. It seems that neither the company logo nor the rolling hills is showing up, and by assumption, I attribute that to a problem in locating the source of the image. The image file that contains your company logo should be in a universally accessible location (for example: C:\logo\). If its in one of ther other user profile's accounts then it may have problems loading it up.

As far as the My Documents thing goes, when you create a new user account, a folder with that user's name is created under "C:\Documents and Settings\" and all of the user's corresponding data is located there as well. To create a new My Documents folder for each user, you are asking Windows XP to create another profile just for the use of storing documents; every user will have two profiles, essentially. However, I say that without much research. The research I have done all points me to the instructions that you have already followed. I did come across this article:

Use it at your own risk. It asks to you use a piece of free software called Tweak UI. It is a Microsoft software, and safe to use. You can get it here:
whatisthesolutionAuthor Commented:

No, we actually saved the wallpaper picture at C:/companywallpaper.bmp, because of the fact that yuo are mentioning. So now i am bit confused on what to do. All the boxes that we have configuered is brand new dell pc's, so ther should not be a problem with corrupted system files and so on, because for all computers its "the first run".

As for the documents and settings - thanks! We decided just to let it as it now is because it now stores as we wanted it automaticly on another drive that the windos drive.

But we would be very happy for some assistance with the wallpaper issue.  :-)


whatisthesolutionAuthor Commented:
Hmm well i feel kind of abonded here :-)

Still need help on this thing.

whatisthesolutionAuthor Commented:
Hi five22bags :-) !

Thanks you for returning to answer my question!

Ok - Hm this is strange -well we try that one out!

Thanks you very much for your assisance and have nice day!

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