How do you create a mount point on Aix to a Windows server?

Aix 5.2, Samba 3.0.22
I've got Samba up and running and I can map a drive from a Windows box to a directory on the Aix box.
I need to go the other way. I need to export files from Aix to Windows.  I've used NFS to create mount points from Aix to Windows.  How do you do it using Samba?
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Rick HobbsConnect With a Mentor RETIREDCommented:

To configure Samba, bring up the smb.conf file on your UNIX
path --  usr/local/samba/lib/
Edit the smb.conf file
There will be many sections
edit global and disk shares sections
u will see          workgroup = WORKGROUP
in the place of   second work group give ur work group or domain name
and u will see netbios name = hostname
in the place of host name give the name of the computer which has to be displayed in the network places

In that file add these entries
path = /Smb_Act
public = yes
printable = no
writable = yes

Creating Samba User Accounts
Creating Samba user accounts is an important step because without it, you users could not gain access to the Samba service. It is also very important for Windows domains, as you will see in a bit.

domain user would only to have to log in into the domain, and access to Samba shares would then become available depending on their domain login script—in the same manner as any other Windows network shares. The key here is that when you create a Samba user, make sure that the user has the same credentials as their Windows domain account does.

For example, let's say we  have a domain user called Ted. He is an accountant, and I want to give him access to the Samba Accounting share created in the previous example. First, the user must already have a local system account on your UNIX/Linux box acting as your Samba server. In other words, Ted should already have an account on the server. If he doesn't, I would first need to create one before giving him a Samba account.

To give a user a Samba account (Ted in this example), go to the command prompt as root and type the following command:

smbpasswd –a TedYou will then be prompted to enter a password for the new Samba user. Make sure that it is the same password as the user's Windows domain account. Add all your users in this manner; once finished, you'll need to make sure that the Samba and NetBIOS name services are started. To put it simply, the NetBIOS name service allows your Samba server to translate machine names on Windows networks to IP addresses. To start the Samba service, type the following command at the prompt as root.

smbd startTo start the NetBIOS name service, type the following command at the prompt:

nmbd startAfter these services have been started or restarted, we can now go to our Windows domain controller and create or modify user logon scripts to map our new Samba drive
WestezAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but I've done the above.  I need to create a mount point on the Aix box that points to a Windows share.
WestezAuthor Commented:
I don't think you can do this using Samba and Aix, at least know one has come with an answer for it yet.  You can do it using NFS, if the Windows system has "Unix Services for Windows" running on it.  Unix Services For Windows is now a free download from Microsoft.  A few years ago you had to buy it.

You can also use the CIFS_FS package that is bundled with Aix v5.2 and up.  You may need to install it the package/fileset first, using Smitty.  Once you have the fileset installed and CIFS running, use this command to create the mount point.

mount -v cifs -n servername/username/password -o wrkgrp=domain name,fmode=755 /sharename /mount point

to have the mount point survive a server reboot, add it to /etc/rc.nfs like this.
/usr/sbin/mount -v cifs -n servername/username/password -o wrkgrp=domain name,fmode=755 /sharename /mount point

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