Resoldering a loose/broken Power Connector HP laptop

I have an hp laptop ze4325us that has a loose power connector.  You have to wiggle the a/c adapter into a certain spot in order to get it to charge.  I have completly disassembled the laptop and on the bottom of the motherboard where the jack is there are 3 metal connectors (2 horizontal and 1 vertical) and a circular whole where a piece of the plastic from the jack is on.


|    |                 (the right one is soldered down and the other one seems to have lost their solder or never had solder)
   o                 (hole from a plastic piece on the jack)

I can take pictures of it later this evening when i get my camera back

I have found replace jacks at but I am not sure I need one.

I am also not sure if i need to put some solder on the other 2 points or not.  Does anyeon have any suggestions, tutorials, or can help walk me through this.  I would like to get some information on it before I try anything.  Thanks for the help.
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Gary CaseConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
It's hard to tell for sure, but it does look like the 2nd connection is not well anchored.   I would solder/resolder all 3 of the connections.   I would not try to glue/epoxy the plastic connector.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
The thing you need to assess is whether or not the "wiggling" is "inside" the jack;  or is the jack itself loose.   If the jack is loose, it most likely simply needs to be soldered back in place (the 2nd connection point needs soldered).   If the "wiggling" is inside the jack, then you need to replace it.

Detailed pictures would be helpful ...
inimicaljordsAuthor Commented:
it is the jack itself that is loose.  The pin inside the jack does not move but the jack itself kinda comes off the motherboard a little when it is wiggled.  I am trying to take pictures but i can't get a close view of it because it is so blurry.  It is a 5mp camera but not good quality on close ups.  

Do i need to solder the horizontal point as well?
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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Yes, I would solder all three pins.  Be very careful -- and use a low-wattage (15-20w) iron.
inimicaljordsAuthor Commented:
here are a couple of pics, there not very good

The 2 connector looks black buts its not really black.  It is a shadow from the solder.  It is the only one with a good solid amount of solder.

Another question.  IS there anything to hold the plastic from the circular hole down?  I have some epoxy for plastic but is it safe to use here?
This link may be a help with soldering technique
inimicaljordsAuthor Commented:
thanks for the help gary.  I just needed a little bit of confidence to do it.  I have completed the project and it is working great.  I resolder all 3 pins and I also(even though you advise not to) put a little epoxy on the plastic piece.  The epoxy helped it from wiggling a lot, but since the point were resolder wiggling didn't disconnect the power anymore.  

Thanks for the soldering technique link spark.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
You're most welcome -- and it doesn't "hurt" anything to epoxy the plastic;  it's just not generally necessary (that part is designed to simply keep the jack in position -- the soldered joints should keep it stable;  but a bit of extra "holding power" certainly doesn't hurt).
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