Viewing a mini DVD in IFO format

I have my wedding on a mini DVD. When I try to see it on my windows XP Pro system, I get the message that it can not read the disk, or the format is unrecognisable.

I took it to work, and on my XP system there, it comes up, and is viewable on Windows Media Player.

Using my Windows Explorer, at work, I could see it was an *ifo" file.
Using my windows explorer at home, I can not see it.

Why can't my home PC see it?

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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi thanks for posting back I had wondered how you went great to hear that worked.
You wish to edit this movie hmm, need more details really,
I tried windows movie maker and found it a tad difficult to understand too.
See if this helps
Microsoft Windows Movie Maker tips, tutorials, forums and more...

What version of your windowmedia player do you have. Update it.
Do you have a dvd player your dvd rom should have come with power dvd these are designed for dvd playback.

Personally I would dump WMP.
Here is a explaination of the vobs on dvd and what an IFO file is. these are normal btw.

This will solve your problem anyway.
Install ffdshow
FFDSHOW is a DirectShow decoding filter for decompressing several video formats, including DivX, XviD, WMV, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 movies.

then install media player clasic
Window Media Player Classic is an enhanced version of Windows Media Player 6.4. This program can play DVDs .
SkyholderAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.  However, after I reviewed, downloaded, set-up..etc.  But still, when I put the minidvd in the dvd drive, my computer STILL can not see it.  Getting the message that it's either corrupt, or in an unrecognisable format.  

Any thoughts?
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SkyholderAuthor Commented:
One additional note.. regular movie DVD's play fine on the computer.
Thanks again.
Yes I have played the mini dvd just fine, check wmp file associations and settings.
What brand is your cd player? try playing it in your cd player not dvd player.

Does your WMP also play normal dvd?
When you insert the minidvd do you see a small panel asking you what you want to do?

Can you go to my computer r/click the dvdrom drive/cdrom drive  and explore it?

This is no STANDARD as VCD,SVCD or DVD.
miniDVD is basicly a DVD but on a CD-R(W) instead of a DVD disc. miniDVD is also sometimes called cDVD. A miniDVD does only fit about 15 minutes video on a 650 MB CD-R(W).
What's DVD then? read on the DVD page.

Why doesn't miniDVD work on a standalone player?

The DVD Player must be able to identify the CD-R/W miniDVD as a ordinary DVD-Video disc, many players identifies CD-R/W as VCD, SVCD or CD Audio and not DVD-Video.
the high bitrate on DVD requires the CD-R/W reader in the DVD player to support at least 8x CD-R/W reading speed, and most DVD Players support only a maximum of 2x.
A miniDVD can be played on
- Not many DVD Players, check here for compatibility>>

- On all computers with a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM with a software DVD Player.

Burn the DVD with your favorite dvd burning tool and add both the VIDEO_TS and the AUDIO_TS folder(be sure that they are in capitals) and burn in UDF/ISO mode. Read here how to burn with Nero. (read the included text file for more info)>>
To play the DVD on your computer you extract the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folder to any root partition
(such as C drive create a new folder name it miniDVD)
and then you launch WinDVD or power dvd or the default player and under Properties->General->Player settings you select the Default DVD drive to the partition you extracted the files and hit Play.

Good Luck
SkyholderAuthor Commented:
Okay, lets review..
1) The miniDVD will play on a normal DVD player.
2) A regular movie DVD will play on my computer.
3) When the miniDVD is put in the DVD drive of my computer, it is not even seen.
If I try to explore it with windows explorer, it does not even show up.
4) Tried putting it in the CD-RW drive, same response.  As if there is nothing in the drive.

I do understand that I would be looking for Video_TS and Audio_TS.  Neither appear.

This is so puzzeling?
Could you please respond to my questions below these will provide a good base so I can find a solution for you.

 (a) Does the cd spin at all in either rom drives? Have you put the mini disc in the right way round? yay I know have to ask .
 (B)What brand is your cdrom drive and the dvd rom drive compared ? and what is the one at work?
 (C)What version of windows media player do you currently have? and compared to the one at work,
All we have here is to find out what is the difference between the two computers/ from work and home.

 (D)At work which windows are you using?
 (E) Was this mini dvd copied at work from an original?

The IFO is like a cue for the windows media player to run the vobs.
When you explore the mini cd at work is this what you see
Look here down at the bottom of the page to see the vobs and VIDEO_TS.IFO

Here is  some facts that seem to contradict with your mini dvd.

 What is MiniDVD ?
MiniDVD (also called cDVD) is a DVD-Video content (VIDEO_TS, IFO and VOB files) burned onto a CD-R or CD-RW. MiniDVD helps one create one's own homemade DVD, which will play movies with DVD quality on a PC.
 Unfortunately standalone DVD players don't read MiniDVD.
Where can we play MiniDVD:
    Player                      MiniDVD playback
Standalone                    DVD player No
PC with DVD-ROM drive  Yes
PC with CD-ROM drive    Yes

SkyholderAuthor Commented:
Let me try and answer them.

(a) Does the cd spin at all in either rom drives? I get the blinking light on the front of both drives, as if it IS searching.  However, I don’t hear the usual “whirl” that I hear with a standard size DVD/CD.  

Yes, it is in the drive correctly.

 (B)What brand is your cdrom drive and the dvd rom drive compared ? and what is the one at work?

At home, straight from the system device manager I see:
Toshiba DVD Rom SD-M1302

Not at work, so don’t know.  The home PC is a Dell Dimension 4700.
At work, its not a Dell, but certainly a clone.

 (C)What version of windows media player do you currently have? and compared to the one at work.
Both systems are running WMP Version 11, the latest one.

All we have here is to find out what is the difference between the two computers/ from work and home.

 (D)At work which windows are you using?
Both systems running Windows XP Pro

 (E) Was this mini dvd copied at work from an original?
The DVD was recorded right onto the minidvd on a Sony Camcorder, I do not know what model.
thank you ok lets see
Is the computer at work a desktop clones lol, or a Laptop?
I get stuck in the fact your Laptop will play normal dvd but not this one, so what is the difference?
This mini dvd cd should play in your cdrom drive.
I still need to know if you see the vobs etc, not clear here but you have the links above to see what it looks like., at work explore the mini cd and copy it all out into a folder, can you burn this onto a cd at work?
As a data cd?
Then at home explore this cd and copy out all the data onto your hd.

At home, straight from the system device manager I see:
CDROM  HL-DT-ST-CD-RW GCE 8483B << is this external
Toshiba DVD Rom SD-M1302 << is this onboard internal?
Or is it a combo?
DVD and CD require different spec lasers (DVD requires 1.3nm compared to 2.1nm for CD)

Update the drivers for your firmware may very well solve it. You need mpeg2 codecs.
Unless your Laptop roms are simply not compatible.
If you go to the windows updates site look under software or drivers.

 The fact it does not spin may point to the roms, if the roms detected the cd ok it would spin then come up with a message what to open with?
Also you mention it plays normal dvd movies.

SkyholderAuthor Commented:
Okay... lets clarify...
Both systems are desktops units.
The PC at work will allow me to use windows explorer to see what is on the minidvd.
The PC at home does not show anything in the DVD drive.

again at home... I have to seperate drives for CD-RW, and DVD Rom.  "D" & "E".

As for "not" spinning?  I only said I could not hear it spinning.  It may just be REALLY quiet. :)
I know the prompt asking "What to use to open it".  That does not appear with the mini.  Once again, with a standard DVD movie, it does pop up.

Getting any closer?
Thank you again, well it looks like your roms just cannot read an IFO made mini dvd.
These are different from a normal dvd and do not have vobs but rather just an IFO and Bup file makes it very small.
That is a bit sad for you, there is ways to get it off the minidvd but unfortunately not from your Laptop.
Do you have Nero or some burning program installed?
Do you only use WMP to view dvd as well?
I think I know what your problem is, you don thave a dvd burner, you have a dvd rom to play dvd but not a burner, I bet that is what is missing.
Some of these need a dvd burner combo to be played on. These can be used as a player as well as a burner, and the cdrom is only a player as well.
So if the one at work is a combo burner and player in one explains why it can be played there.

How  IFO Files from Just VOB Files are created.
Regards Merete
SkyholderAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your time...
I want to be clear... BOTH systems are desktop units.
I know the one at work is a combo.  I'm a broadcast coordinator at the school where I work.
I use Adobe Premier to edit video.

At home, I BELIEVE the DVD is just a player, although I am able to create videos with Windows movie maker and burn to a CD.  But that may NOT be burning to a DVD.

So even if I can transfer the files, which I CAN see at work, onto a memory stick, and bring it home... my system may still not be able to work with it.  Is that correct?

aka Skyholder
The flash is a great idea, I think it is the minidvd not the files, if you can put the contents into a folder then take it home copy the folder out onto your hdd using power dvd or even media player classic or WMP browse to the IFI file
Hopefully it should play.
Good Luck, look forard to knowing to the results.
SkyholderAuthor Commented:
I'll hold off on posting, until I get a chance to do that... probably Monday.
Talk to you again.
SkyholderAuthor Commented:
My apologies for not getting back sooner.
I was able to copy the files to a memory stick, bring them home, and view it on my desktop.
One other question before closing this out.
I want to edit the video, but seem unable to import the video_ts file into Microsoft movie maker.
Is that odd?
Thanks again.
SkyholderAuthor Commented:
WOW... very interesting.  Obviously a lot of time and effect CAN go into converting/renaming.  Guess I'll give it thought as to whether its worth the effort.
In the meanwhile, we'll consider the issue of FINDING the files closed, and you get the point value.
Thanks agaian for all your time and energies.
Take it easy.
your wellcome Lee and my pleasure too.
Good luck and best wishes.
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