Blue Screens and Lockups on Idle

Problem: The laptop, an Inspiron 1100, is locking up and/or bluescreening after being idle for a given period of time (usually overnight).  The computer has no other history of hardware problem, and no new hardware has been added in the last year.  The only non-Dell piece of hardware is a Linksys Wirelss Card.  The drivers are the most current out there (but that's 2004.)  Below is the chatlog of my experience with Dell Tech Support which I do not recommend (but may give you info you need.)  Note: Personal and account details are omitted.  The driver I am using for the Linksys can be found at:

9:41:56 PM            You      Anyways, the problem is that after the computer is idle for a given time, my fiancee gets a blue screen with the following error message: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL  
9:42:27 PM            You      We have tried the following steps to troubleshoot, as given to us by your tech website (sorry, I don't have a link)
9:42:27 PM            Dipak_01101866      While I review your question, let me inform you that you might get an invitation to participate in a survey at the end of this session. You would be asked to rate our interaction on a scale of 1 to 9 with 9 being the best. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.  
9:42:41 PM            You      k  
9:42:56 PM            You      1) Tightened the screws on the computer  
9:43:14 PM            You      2) Re-seated the memory and hard drive  
9:43:45 PM            You      and a few other things which I'm blanking about off of the top of my head.  
9:44:10 PM            You      (oh, and i'm not typing to you from the problem computer, but its sitting right next to me)  
9:44:29 PM            Dipak_01101866      Thank you for your patience. I will help you fix the issue.  
9:44:50 PM            Dipak_01101866      POwer on the laptop in question and keep tapping on the F8 key as soon as you get the Dell logo.  
9:45:16 PM            You      we're booting into safe mode then?  
9:46:15 PM            Dipak_01101866      Yes.  
9:46:32 PM            You      oh, we ran some of the dell diagnostics too.  
9:46:45 PM            You      they all seemed to come out fine.  
9:46:59 PM            You      booting into safe mode now.
9:47:01 PM            Dipak_01101866      Ok.  
9:47:31 PM            You      in safe mode.  
9:47:50 PM            You      login in as the user or the Admin?  
9:48:05 PM            Dipak_01101866      Admin.  
9:48:22 PM            You      k  
9:48:29 PM            You      in  
9:48:42 PM            You      clicked yes  
9:49:20 PM            Dipak_01101866      Were you getting the Blue screen as soon as you booted to normal mode?  
9:49:40 PM            You      no. it was not on boot.  
9:49:51 PM            You      computer had been idle for a while.  
9:50:12 PM            You      she left it sitting over night, and when she came back, it was a BSOD.  
9:50:28 PM            Dipak_01101866      Ok.  
9:50:53 PM            You      She wrote down the technical info if that'll help?  
9:51:08 PM            Dipak_01101866      May I have it please?  
9:53:15 PM            You      STOP: 0x000000D1 (0XFE1FC000, 0x00000002X 0x00000000,0xf8f24b3a) I2220ntx.sys - Address f8f24b3a base at F8f1c000, DateStamp 3ff8cafe  
9:53:47 PM            Dipak_01101866      Are we in safe mode?  
9:53:59 PM            You      yes  
9:54:02 PM            Dipak_01101866      Right click on my computer icon and select properties.Click on hardware tab in the new window that appears.Now click on device manager.
9:54:13 PM            You      I2220ntx.sys should read i2220ntx.sys  
9:54:25 PM            Dipak_01101866      Click on the + marks and let me know if there are any ! or ? marks.  
9:54:44 PM            You      what + marks?  
9:54:51 PM            You      sorry n/m  
9:55:40 PM            Dipak_01101866      Ok.Let us right click on all the devices next to - and uninstall them.
9:55:45 PM            You      none  
9:56:15 PM            You      so like, uninstall the Universal Serial Bus Controller?  
9:56:30 PM            Dipak_01101866      Yes.Uninstall all the drivers.  
9:57:04 PM            You      uhm is there a quick way to do that?  
9:57:10 PM            Dipak_01101866      No.  
9:57:22 PM            You      lol. k  
9:57:57 PM            You      some are not giving me the option of uninstalling  
9:58:26 PM            Dipak_01101866      Which driver does not have an option to uninstall?  
9:59:07 PM            You      there are a few so far.  
9:59:51 PM            You      and a couple i'm uninstalling and they're not going away.  
10:02:00 PM            You      lemme finish and i'll give you the list.  
10:02:37 PM            Dipak_01101866      Ok.  
10:03:04 PM            You      removing the SigmaTel C-Major Audio is not responding  
10:03:54 PM            Dipak_01101866      Were there any new hardware or software changes made?  
10:04:11 PM            You      since when?  
10:04:35 PM            Dipak_01101866      Before the Blue screen we shown?  
10:05:01 PM            You      not to my knowledge.  
10:05:34 PM            You      I'm locked up here.  
10:05:45 PM            Dipak_01101866      Since when are you getting the Blue Screen?Do you remember the date?  
10:06:20 PM            You      no, because its my fiancee's computer. maybe 2 weeks ago?  
10:07:43 PM            Dipak_01101866      I will give you a link with the instructions to restore the laptop to a date when there was no Blue Screen error.  
10:07:58 PM            You      ok.  
10:08:13 PM            You      will it matter that i'm locked up after uninstalling those things?  
10:12:04 PM            Dipak_01101866      Click the Start button, and then click Control Panel.
The Control Panel window appears.
Click User Accounts.
The User Accounts window appears.
Click Create a new account.
Type a name for the new user account, and then click the Next button.
Click to select Computer administrator, and then click the Create Account button.  
10:12:34 PM            You      i can't do this. The computer is locked up.  
10:12:50 PM            Dipak_01101866      REstart the laptop and boot into normal mode.
10:12:52 PM            Dipak_01101866      Check if the Blue screen error come up when logged into new user profile.  
10:13:17 PM            You      do the user account thing after rebooting?  
10:13:27 PM            Dipak_01101866      Yes.  
10:13:35 PM            You      k  
10:14:05 PM            Dipak_01101866      Are we doing it now?  
10:14:32 PM            You      reboting now  
10:15:00 PM            Dipak_01101866      Ok.
10:15:01 PM            You      the display settings are messed up...  
10:15:52 PM            Dipak_01101866      Let us get into device manager and check if there are any ! or ? marks on any of the devices.  
10:16:11 PM            You      do that after re-creating the admin account?  
10:17:52 PM            You      i can't create an administrator account.  
10:18:18 PM            Dipak_01101866      Let us get into device manager and check if there are any ! or ? marks.  
10:18:58 PM            You      the system is still detecting new hardware also.  
10:19:37 PM            You      yes 2 !'s  
10:19:38 PM            Dipak_01101866      It is trying to install drivers from Windows.Let us wait.  
10:19:59 PM            Dipak_01101866      What are the devices with !.
10:20:01 PM            You      k  
10:20:44 PM            You      Ethernet Controller  
10:21:07 PM            You      that's the only one now. and I just got asked to restart.  
10:21:25 PM            Dipak_01101866      OK restart the laptop.  
10:21:50 PM            You      ok.  
10:23:37 PM            You      ok. restarted.  
10:24:19 PM            Dipak_01101866      Do we still have the ! marks in device manager?  
10:25:13 PM            You      checking.  
10:25:18 PM            Dipak_01101866      Ok.  
10:25:34 PM            You      it seems to be trying to install hardware again.  
10:26:41 PM            You      yes. 1 !. same thing. Its giving me the found new hardware wizard also.  
10:26:49 PM            Dipak_01101866      Ok.I guess there was a hardware added to this laptop which is causing a conflict with driver of the laptop hardware.  
10:27:23 PM            Dipak_01101866      I will give you a link to install the Ethernet controller.  
10:27:33 PM            You      she hasn't added new hardware recently. I know b/c I would have been the one to install it.  
10:28:38 PM            Dipak_01101866      Do you have a blank CD or a thumb drive?  
10:29:04 PM            You      yeah.  
10:29:14 PM            You      thumb  
10:29:42 PM            You      and its ready to go.  
10:30:25 PM            Dipak_01101866      Click on the link and then on download now.Please save the file on the drive  
10:30:48 PM            You      k  
10:31:03 PM            System      Dipak_01101866 pushes page, 
10:31:41 PM            System      Dipak_01101866 pushes page, 
10:32:05 PM            You      i need both?  
10:32:18 PM            Dipak_01101866      Yes.  
10:33:09 PM            You      ok.  
10:33:30 PM            You      downloading and installing them now.  
10:33:46 PM            Dipak_01101866      OK.  
10:38:45 PM            You      those are finished installing. restart?  
10:39:19 PM            Dipak_01101866      Yes.Restart the laptop and check if the device manager has any !.  
10:39:40 PM            You      k  
10:43:57 PM            You      yes. ethernet controller again popped up and gave me a found new hardware wizard.  
10:44:32 PM            Dipak_01101866      Does it still have a ! on it?
10:44:36 PM            You      that might be her wireless card though...  
10:44:46 PM            You      yes  
10:45:09 PM            Dipak_01101866      Right click on it and select enable.  
10:45:50 PM            You      not an option in right click menu.  
10:46:07 PM            You      i can update driver, disable, uninstall, scan for h/w change and properties.  
10:46:20 PM            Dipak_01101866      Scan for hardware change.  
10:47:14 PM            You      no difference, but it seemed to say wireless card  
10:47:54 PM            You      now I still have a ! Ethernet Controller  
10:48:47 PM            Dipak_01101866      Please try the driver below and let me know.
10:48:50 PM            System      Dipak_01101866 pushes page, 
10:49:42 PM            You      that won't work: Her modem is detected with no ! or ?, but her wireless card is not.  
10:50:11 PM            Dipak_01101866      WHich wireless card does she have?
10:50:20 PM            You      hold on, let me try something.  
10:50:49 PM            Dipak_01101866      Sure.
10:50:53 PM            You      dunno, gonna take it out and check. Its a linksys, but that's all I know.  
10:51:09 PM            You      and linksys sisn't showing up in our Network adapters  
10:51:28 PM            Dipak_01101866      It was not installed by Dell.Was it?  
10:51:45 PM            You      no clue.  
10:51:56 PM            You      i do know that its worked for 2 years before now.  
10:52:21 PM            You      or something like that.  
10:52:37 PM            You      but the card is out now.  
10:53:27 PM            Dipak_01101866      Its is the network adapter that is having a !.  
10:54:30 PM            Dipak_01101866      Ok.Click on the + mark next to network adapters and let me know what do you have there.  
10:54:42 PM            You      yeah, that's my guess too. I shutdown, pulled out the card and restarted.  
10:54:55 PM            You      checking the adapters now  
10:55:18 PM            Dipak_01101866      Remove the wireless card from the laptop.  
10:55:27 PM            You      ok, we have the Broadcom 440x Integrated controller. Nothing else  
10:55:38 PM            You      the wireless card is gone.  
10:55:50 PM            You      and not in the laptop  
10:55:58 PM            You      no ?'s or !'s now.  
10:56:39 PM            Dipak_01101866      Can we check if we get the BSOD?  
10:57:04 PM            You      uhm, how?  
10:57:19 PM            You      its only been happening when it sits idle for a few hours.  
10:58:09 PM            Dipak_01101866      Let us now go to network adapters in device manager check what card is listed there.  
10:58:35 PM            You      just the Broadcom  
10:59:32 PM            Dipak_01101866      Thats is the onboard card that is showing up there and it is fine.  
11:00:19 PM            You      right  
11:00:36 PM            Dipak_01101866      I also suspect the Wireless card to be causing the issue.
11:00:37 PM            You      which is where we were an hour and a half ago...l  
11:00:48 PM            You      except no wireless now.  
11:01:06 PM            You      Explain?  
11:01:47 PM            Dipak_01101866      The driver for the wireless card is causing a conflict with the drivers of the laptop.Resulting in a BSOD. driver irq less or not equal.  
11:02:20 PM            You      so maybe update drivers then?  
11:03:03 PM            Dipak_01101866      Eitherr the drivers or may be the card has to be replaced.
11:03:04 PM            You      I only bring that up b/c the wireless card has been effective and known good for over a year...  
11:03:30 PM            You      ok.  
11:03:56 PM            Dipak_01101866      Is there any other DELL hardware related issue that I may assist you with?  
11:04:18 PM            You      not at this time.  
11:04:46 PM            Dipak_01101866      Are you satisfied with the level of support provided to you on this interaction?  
11:05:02 PM            You      I'm not sure yet.  
11:05:32 PM            You      We don't know if the problem has been fixed.  
11:06:09 PM            You      also, the laptop does not have a administrator account now.  
11:06:25 PM            Dipak_01101866      The Non dell hardware is causing the issue.
11:06:31 PM            Dipak_01101866      You may want to contact the vendor.  
11:07:18 PM            You      just out of curiosity, do you know which piece of dell hardware it would be conflicting with?  
11:07:40 PM            Dipak_01101866      With the Network Integrated Card.  
11:07:51 PM            You      the Broadcom?  
11:07:57 PM            Dipak_01101866      Yes.  
11:08:04 PM            Dipak_01101866      You may also contact Dell On Call for non Dell hardware support.It is a fee based support.Rest assured, the issue will be solved to your satisfaction.
11:08:10 PM            You      ok.  
11:08:13 PM            Dipak_01101866      1-866-497-2661 is the number to Dell On Call.(software support)  
11:08:25 PM            Dipak_01101866      Thats only an option.
11:08:31 PM            You      k  
11:08:38 PM            You      right  
11:09:40 PM            Dipak_01101866      It was a pleasure assisting you.I would be sending this interaction to your e-mail id.  
11:10:04 PM            You      thanks
11:10:04 PM            Dipak_01101866      Thank you for staying online. I have included your Case Number # 138067640 to reference our interaction today. Please keep this on file; it will assist you when contacting DELL. Thank you for contacting DELL Technical Support and allowing me the opportunity to assist you. If you still feel that there are additional DELL Hardware related concerns that need to be addressed, please contact us again at 1-800-624-9896 or Click on "Chat with Hardware Support" at and enter the Service Tag.
We will be happy to assist you again. Have a nice day.

---end of log---
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MarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It sounds as if there may be a power issue with the network or wireless card. Are the options to allow the cards to power down when not needed, used for these components. It may be hanging when one of them powers up after being idle. Which network component is in use when the laptop is revived after the idle time? Try disabling that option for both.
did you try cleaning all fans and vents from dust?
KefkaZAuthor Commented:
As best I could, yes.  That was actually the 1st thing I tried.
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
then the next thing, is to take out and reseat the ram.
If this does not get you any further, is would do some testing :
ram : use memtest86+ from :      
disk :

or download ubcd - it contains them, and more :      
KefkaZAuthor Commented:
>>then the next thing, is to take out and reseat the ram.
Did that, ran the Dell diagnostics (which include memory and hard drive testing direct from BIOS) and they came out fine.

>>Are the options to allow the cards to power down when not needed, used for these components. It may be hanging when one of them powers up after being idle. Which network component is in use when the laptop is revived after the idle time?

How would I check that?
KefkaZAuthor Commented:
Edit to above: Did that and ran the Dell diagnostics (which include memory and hard drive testing direct from BIOS) before calling tech support and they came out fine.
KefkaZAuthor Commented:
Well, now the wireless adapter is unable to acquire a network address on the problem laptop and a known good laptop.  So, the Dell guy was right.  *sigh* Damn that irks me.
KefkaZAuthor Commented:
Split points based on timeliness and closest to the solution since it ended up solving itself.  Thanks guys.
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