FTP Server

I would like to run the FTP server.

I have apache web server and i can access remotely.

But now i would like to have my own FTP server, so that i can connect to my ftp server from remote place and access the files.

I would like to type something on browser like ftp://my_ip_address and see all my home computer's files/folder.

Is there any free free ftp server applications that i can use as home use.

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andrewglendeanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
filezilla server is free, its basic but gets the job done, goto http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=21558 for the download.
If you are using windows XP/2k, you already have IIS with ftp services built in.
joy333Author Commented:
which one is good its good to 3rd party or windows?
How to set up windows XP?
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joy333Author Commented:
is there user guide for filezilla server? i can only find the filezilla client
if you look at the link the server is right below the client
Another fun (but non-secure) option is to set up a small web server on your computer.  You can set the file access wherever you like, programs such as the following:

dognamedmosesConnect With a Mentor Commented:

didn't read the question carefully enough, you already have a web server.  I think tinyweb has an ftp server though.
Could you please tell us first what is the operating system you are using on your home computer?
joy333Author Commented:
Win XP Pro
montasirmaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The easiest thing to do is install Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS) from the installation cdrom. Take care to include the FTP service and either execlude the WWW service or after installation change it's port to a non standard port so as not to conflict with Apache.
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