Bcc being shown in X-Envelope-To: when using read receipts

When sending out a mail to people using BCC and adding read receipts and even delivery reports
all the people i put in the BCC are ebing shown on some mail clients in the mail header
if i turn em off it doesent show in the headers

Eg of what my headers say
X-Envelope-To: address@adreess1.com ;address@adddress2.com

is there any way to stop this. but keeping the read recipts and delivery reports on.

I am using exchange 2003 sp1

all using outlook 2003 sp2.

pls help

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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That isn't Exchange doing that.
Something else is making that change. Is your email being scanned by anything else as it leaves your server? Antivirus, antispam, a service from a third party?

McfakeAuthor Commented:
yeah i noticed quite about 10 mins after posting this Q.

it was actully surfcontrol. :(

McfakeAuthor Commented:
unfortunally i cannot give ya points for this m8, as i had allready solved it myself. but you was correct. so if i have to accept your answer then it was right. as i found out .
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If you found out 10 minutes after posting the question, then you should have posted something in to the question.
I posted my response three hours after the question. If there had been something in the question saying that it was fixed, I wouldn't have touched it.

McfakeAuthor Commented:
well as ya know dealing with a live problem sometimes slip your mind once ya fixed it . but as i said im easy about the points. but im unaware on how it works if u award people points for helping even if the problem is solved. im new hear and i dont sit on hear all day looking for answers.
McfakeAuthor Commented:
just read the rules m8 . apprently as u where 100% correct and i dident tell ya that i so thx . in the mean time im trying to deal with surfcontrol support. who seems to not have a clue and it appears to be a "feature" :)

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