Quicken Backup Problem

Hi Everyone, one of my clients is using Quicken 2003 for windows, i had privilege problems on this person's computer before when i gave him a limited windows account and quicken was not working as it should, and then i fixed that by giving him admin privileged account, now i have a domain controller in my enterprise, i joined that person to the domain and took out his administrator rights, another problem occured which is quicken is not able to do file backup to any location and it gives me the error message "can not write file" and then " file is not backed up" ... does anybody know how can i fix this problem or what rights should i assign to this user to have his quicken backing up its files properly? any help is highly appreciated.

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Your problem is the permissions assigned to the folder where the backup is going to.
Open Quicken
Go to File>Backup

When the window opens you should see the default path for the backup.

Go to My computer and browse until you see that folder.
Right click the folder and pick permissions.
Add him to that folder with Full permission.
Marc ZCommented:
If that doesn't seem to work, I used a trick to allow my Quicken to be run in a limited account at home by making the limited user and Admin, installed and updated Quicken, ran it once to make sure all the files were set, and then reset that Admin account to Limited User.  I don't Backup to the default location, so possibly, I already have full permissions to the locations I use.

The one problem with this workaround is when Quicken actually has an update(which is not too often), you have to change the Limited to Admin again just for that update.
ndihelpiraqAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys for your replies, the problem persists however, i gave the user full control on the destination folder and it seems like quicken never changes the path as it keeps giving me errors and now another new one "Unable to access the disk in drive c:" as it insists to stick to back up to drive c: although i change the destination. i'm trying to put the file backup on the file server over my local network according to the policy of work. both the local admin and the domain admin were able to backup the file ... but for some reason the domain user is not.
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Marc ZCommented:
So you are actually faced with the problem of Multiple users accessing the Same Data File, correct?

And are we talking Quicken or QuickBooks?  Quicken does not even allow multiple users on the same computer with different user accounts from accessing the same file unless it's in a shared folder.  From Quicken 2003 help reports.

Can I install or use Quicken on a network?
Quicken is not designed or tested for use over a network or on a shared drive. Due to the large variety of possible network configurations, Intuit will not be able to offer technical assistance for any problems resulting from use of the Quicken program on a network.
Additionally, Intuit does not recommend the use of your Quicken data files over a network due to the increased likelihood that data corruption will occur. Quicken is designed to save the data incrementally as it is entered. For this reason, network instability or the use of a data file by multiple people at the same time will often lead to data integrity issues.
For optimal results when using Quicken, Intuit recommends installing a separate version of Quicken on each computer's hard drive. To purchase additional copies of the current version of Quicken please visit Quicken.com.
Note: The QuickBooks family of products helps you power your small business. This family of products does offer multiple user packages for use in combination with a network.
Marc ZCommented:
One more Support Page
ndihelpiraqAuthor Commented:
No, i don't want multiple users to access one location quicken files ... its just to backup user files into a file server instead of backing them up on an external media, the policy at work stipulates that users' sensitive data such as quicken's should be backed up to the server. all users are joined to a domain and they don't have full control on their computers ... i tried to log-in as a domain admin and a local admin and both of them were able to do the backup quicken files over the network ... but when logging in with the user's name who is a normal domain user, it doesn't work.  
Marc ZCommented:
One thing I would try is making that user an Admin. then starting Quicken, do a back up to the location that you want his access to, close Quicken and make  him a limited user again.  After making him a limited again, rerun the Backup and see if it takes.  If it does, you're in business, if not, it sounds like that user will have to be an Admin/Power User.

This post looks interesting though.

ndihelpiraqAuthor Commented:
Thanks indeed for all answers, i actually tried that and it does the backup on the local machine only and not over the network, i will install a 3rd party software to do the backup of quicken files manually into the file sever rather than granting administrator access to users.
Marc ZCommented:
Marc ZCommented:
No objections from me.
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