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Incredibly Slow after Merging Partitions


My computer has been setup so it can dual boot between windows xp and linux, after about a year of not using linux and my hard drive getting full i used partition magic to merge the partitions.

After, my computer didnt want to boot into windows, i used "fdisk /mbr" as i found in other threads on the internet.

THe computer booted, but it took about 8 minutes to show my background wallpaper, and at that point, another maybe 5 minutes for my task bar and icons to start appearing. Somehow, overnight I managed to run defrag and it finished fine. My hard drive is a 60gig and i only added 8 gigs to my 48gig or so partition. (I have 4gigs seperated for swapfile or whatnot)

My question is, what should I do to get my computer running back up to speed? Its a 3 year old computer, P4 2.4ghz so its capable of handeling all that I need, but right now, it takes 5 minutes just to load Firefox instead of maybe 5 seconds tops.

Thanks for your help
1 Solution
I would start by looking at what processes and applications are actually running.
You can check the processes in 'Task Manager'.
For startup applications, go to Start --> Run and type in msconfig (enter).
Eyeball all the stuff you have kicking in when your computer boots up - may be a lot of extras in there that you don't need.
Good Luck,
I would recommend defragging too...

just a though
Tom-EAuthor Commented:
NAORC - i mentioned i already managed to run a defrag

as for task manager, i checked this out before, i only have 32 processess running on windows xp, which is not a lot. and apps that are takingi up lots of CPU usage are "cisvc.exe"  and of course  "taskgr.exe", at about 50% and 40% respectively...

if i checkut the performance tab, memory usage is minimal and CPU usage is at a constant 100% the whole time..
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Task Manager at 40%?
My experience has been 3-4 peaks with 0 more typical.
You can disable cisvc.exe in your msconfig without hurting anything.

What are you running for AV, Anti-spyware, etc?
Tom-EAuthor Commented:
for more info ill mention somethign i just found out:

when the computer boots and it starts showing its wallpaper, 5+ minutes pass before taskbar shows, and i can view task manager during this time, i can see the number of processes is very low, and it slowly gets bigger. 22 processes... 27..29..etc but the CPU usage is ALWAYS at 100%

im running Norton Internet Securities 2006 with updated defenitions and also the microsoft anti-spyware software

also, disabeling cisvc.exe doesnt seem to make a difference, even tho the list of processes in the CPU column is smaller and im pretty sure it doesnt add up to 100, but at the bottom, it still says 100% CPU usage, and its constant.

my msnconfig settings appear to be the same as before i merged the partitions, with all unnecsarly apps disabeled at start up. :-S
Running the processor at 100% is not good under any circumstances.

You should try going to Trend Micro (Housecalls on line) and do a full computer scan (it won't interfere with your Norton).

You should also download a 'Boot Sector' virus scanner.

Review the information here: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Applications/Viruses/Q_21680634.html?query=hijack+this&clearTAFilter=true

Getting your Hijack log analyzed (free) at the site shown may show you what is going on.

Tom-EAuthor Commented:
while i kee trying that stuff out, let me mention that i took a note that i had a 1513 Error when the changes to partitions were being done, everything in the end looked like a sucess and said completed
Do you have another hard drive?  

My guess is that partition magic funkled up the mapping on your hdd.  I would probably ghost the whole drive in this situation and see how it goes.  If you want to eliminate software conflict issues (as are being suggested above) open your computer in "safe mode with networking" mode (hit F8 a few times on bootup).  This will turn off all non microsoft software and you can try to open a few programs.

Based on your description of the problem however, and the proximity to the hard drive merge, definitely sounds like some type of HDD based issue.  
Tom-EAuthor Commented:
i dont have another hard drive that i can use

by ghosting im guessing you mean re-install OS on new harddrive and use old one for files, reinstall software..etc

is there anyway to "re-map" my hdd or something since you say partition magic effed it up?

would it be possible to partion it back so theres those free 8 gigs as a partition, install windows on that, and then "ghost" as you say the other partition -- all using partition magic?

i really want to avoid re-installing all my stuff, ive been waiting for Vista to come out to buy a new computer and have the fun of reinstalling everything, if "re-mapping" is possible....

thanks for the help
Follow this Steps.

First check your Paths Setting in My Computer, System Properties, Enviroment Variables.
Also check for Startup Programs Paths, Typing msconfig at the RUN Prompt.

Im sure most or some application, stuff, and drivers paths have changed since the merge, so this will be the first to check.

Then to Speed Up More do this Steps:

It always fixes my slow booting problems and a similar situation happened to me:

Use this FREE APPS:

Start with CCleaner ( http://www.ccleaner.com  ) free hard-disk cleanup tool first ( do not use its registry cleaner though )
BeClean : < http://boozet.xepher.net/beclean/download.htm >
Dustbuster  http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/file_description/0,fid,22384,00.asp
MRU Blaster  http://www.javacoolsoftware.com/mrublaster.html

Tom-EAuthor Commented:
so after plugging in the drive as a slave into another computer and running all of those scans, nothing has changed...

if its the master, it will still take forever too boot.

my only option now seems to be formatting the drive and reinstalling everything :-D?

Anything else that I can do before the last resort?

****what do you mean by ghosting my drive, just to be clear??
I don't mean to speak for him, but he is probably talking about Norton 'Ghost' or a similar product that will create a 'bit-by-bit' "Image" of your hard drive.
You can store this to CD or DVD and just 're-image' your hard drive (quickly) instead of a complete re-load.
Tom-EAuthor Commented:
Ok, I have bumped up the point value of this question to 500 points.

After pluggin in the HD as a slave and running cleanups and virus scans, including a boot sector virus scan by booting from my 2006 Norton Disk... nothing has changed. (No VIruses were ever found)

So instead of buying Norton Ghost, I just backed up evertyhing manually onto another computer and formatted my HD to reinstall windows again.

I can tell you that during the installation, it seemed slow. It was nothing like before, where a mouse click took about a minute to respond, but it took a few seconds.

After the over-night installation finished, it sure enough, was quicker, but not much. It is defenitly much much quicker then it was before i formatted and reinstalled, but it is STILL much much slower then before this problem started at all, before I merged partitions.

My CPU usage is often at 100%, but now after formatting, it does drop a little bit. The computer is still slower to boot and to run in general then before i merged partitions...

I have ran out of things to do, I beleive I scanned for viruses, and formatting is sure enough better then any disk cleanup in terms of speed. My computer should be extremely fast right now...

Please help!!!

Tom-EAuthor Commented:
OK, I called into Dell Support, despite this being such an old computer, the guy helped me out.

I had to hit Alt + E and Alt + F in the BIOS.

Sure enough, it rebooted into windows with everything loaded in about 5 seconds, not 20 minutes :-D !!!

I asked him what that did, and he told me there are some sort of Tables stored in the computer that are tied into booting the system. Alt + E erases them, and Alt + F restores default Dell tables.

Thanks for your answers, hopefully they help some other browsers.

PAQed with points refunded (500)

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