Exceed Application tool (Humming Bird)

Hello all,

i want to know more about exceed tool which is of huming bird application used for windows desktops to access linux terminal.. can any one suggest , some tutorials for it

and also i have to know about KEA ! 420 session..to know about the commands used in it and necessary details

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HummingBird Exceed has many tools packaged with it. Some of them do secure Telnet, some of them do secure FTP, and the most important is the xWindows server/client. There are other tools included as well so it depends on what you need to do as to which tool you use from the package. If you want something simple as far as xWindows goes, there is also XWin32 I think made by Starnet or sumthing like that.

KEA is just telnet. The commands used with it are those commonly used in a telnet session to a unix box.
altima4uAuthor Commented:
ok i understood.  yeah basically i need to use exceed for x window applications.  My company uses exceed or kea.  iam very new to them.
will you be able to inform me some links.  i tried to search but i could not get


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