I want to attach PDF files to a specific date in Microsoft Outlook 2003 for use in a banquet hall. Calendar Item = Reservation, PDF file attached = menu selected by customer. Is this possible?

I have a MS 2003 SP1 Enterprise Server running Exchange 2003 SP2 Enterprise.  I can upgrade to Server 2003 R2 if that is a requirement for the solution provided.

Currently we use a program called Add2Exchange to synchronize the 3 owners' private calendars to each other.  The reason we use private calendars instead of a public calendar is that their Treo 650s are unable to synchronize the built-in calendar with an Exchange Public Calendar.

Add2Exchange does use a public calendar as a synchronization point so that User 1 --> Public Calendar --> Users 2/3 and vice versa.  (2 also can send new information to Users 1/3, etc.).  I don't care if we use the public calendar to embed the PDF files (menus) or one of the users private calendars as the PDFs are going to be so big that we aren't going to view them on the Treo 650s.  Maybe once we upgrade to Treo 700p, this will happen.

Here is what my customer wants.  His clients choose there menu items for their weddings, funeral receptions, birthday parties, etc.  He wants to attach these PDF files (has to be PDF because he has created a template so that he doesnt have to manually tpye all the different menu items out and add them up, in Acrobat this is already setup to total the prices and quantities)... Anyway, he wants to attach these PDF menu files to the date in the calendar that corresponds to the day of the event.  So when he goes to August 17, 2008 he can open up, make changes, and save the PDF menu on each of his three computers.  (if it takes come time to synchronize through active directory this is fine).

My question is:  how do i accomplish this?  What is Sharepoint Portal Server 2003?  What does it do?  Will it do what I want?  If not, don't worry about explaining what it does, as I don't want to waste your time.  If not Sharepoint, how can I accomplish this?  Is there a different way?

My requirements are:
1) Must integrate with Outlook and Exchange
2) Must not affect current ability to synchronize calendars with handheld Treo 650s via ActiveSync
3) Must be able to edit, detach, re-attach PDF files to the Outlook Calendar
4) Must use PDF, or if a Microsoft similar program is a must, solution must provide a Microsoft alternative that allows secure document creation and the creating of a form-based template
5) Must be implemented on or before August 1, 2006

1) If the PDF files could be sync-ed to the PDAs and opened, this is a bonus.

If you can/will/would like to implemement the solution please feel free to include this in your response.  This client is located in Glendale, Los Angeles, and Burnbank California.  If the configuration can be completed remotely I can provide a technician to be your hands on-site, while you complete all other non-physical work remotely.

Please respond with solutions directly to this question.  If I've not provided enough information, please ask and I will respond.

Much thanks,
md _ net-central.com
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David LeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Greetings, jd_netcentral.

I don't use Sharepoint Portal Server, so I can't tell you if it'll do what you want or not.  Outlook/Exchange has no provision for attaching an item to a date.  Dates on the calendar are only conceptual entities.  There is no such thing as a date object.  Appointmentsare the only type of object associated with an Outlook calendar.  Appointments come in two flavors: events and appointments.  Events are simply appointments that don't have a start or end time.  Appointments have set starting and ending times.  Both events and appointments can have attachments.  If I'm understanding what you need to  accomplish correctly, then you could do this via an event.  The event would carry the PDF as an attachment.  Events and their attachments can be edited at will.  They should synchronize without any problem and implementing this approach is as simple as creating the events in question.

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