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Calculate input fields and bind

I'd like to be able to add up multiple input fields and have it do the calculation as I type

<cfinput label="IN:" type="text" name="InTime1" validate="time" value="#TimeFormat(employee.in1, "HH:mm")#" width="60">
<cfinput label="OUT:" type="text" name="OutTime1" validate="time" value="#TimeFormat(employee.out1, "HH:mm")#" width="60">
<cfformitem type="hrule"/>
<cfinput label="IN:" type="text" name="InTime2" validate="time" value="#TimeFormat(employee.in2, "HH:mm")#" width="60">
<cfinput label="OUT:" type="text" name="OutTime2" validate="time" value="#TimeFormat(employee.out2, "HH:mm")#" width="60">

and then the field they would be adding into would be something like:
<cfinput type="text" name="Total" bind="#form.intime1# + #form.outime1#..." label="Total:">
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1 Solution
you would have to use javascript for this.

here is a script I found that you could modify:

<title>Calculator Exemple</title>
<style type="text/css">
fieldset{border:2px #000 solid;padding:1em;}
#result{border:thin #fff solid;color:green;font-weight:700;}
<script type="text/javascript">
function Calculator(){ this.articles={}; }
Calculator.prototype.addArticle = function (art){
Calculator.prototype.getTotal = function(){
var total = 0;
for(var ii in this.articles)
total += this.articles[ii].getValue();
return total;
Calculator.prototype.getArticle = function(s){
return this.articles[s] || null;
function Article(name, price, quantity){
this.name = name;
this.price = price || 0;
this.quantity = quantity || 0;
Article.prototype.getValue = function(){
return this.price * this.quantity;
Article.prototype.setQuantity = function(q){ this.quantity = q; }
var myCalculator = new Calculator();
myCalculator.addArticle(new Article("Arrows", 10, 0));
myCalculator.addArticle(new Article("Deku Seeds", 5, 0));
myCalculator.addArticle(new Article("Biggoron Sword", 200, 0));
myCalculator.addArticle(new Article("Din's Fire", 70, 0));
myCalculator.addArticle(new Article("Farore's Wind", 50, 0));
function calculate(button){
+ frm.elements["artDekuSeeds"].options[
qBiggoronSword=frm.elements["artBiggoronSword"].checked ? 1 : 0,
qDinsFire=frm.elements["artMagics"][0].checked ? 1 : 0,
qFaroresWind=frm.elements["artMagics"][1].checked ? 1 : 0;

qArrows = /^\d+$/.test(qArrows) ? + qArrows : 0

myCalculator.getArticle("Deku Seeds").setQuantity(qDekuSeeds);
myCalculator.getArticle("Biggoron Sword").
myCalculator.getArticle("Din's Fire").setQuantity(qDinsFire);
myCalculator.getArticle("Farore's Wind").

frm.elements["result"].value = myCalculator.getTotal() + "r";
<form action="whatever.foo" onsubmit="return false">
<p>Please select your articles and quantities below.</p>
<table cellspacing="0">
<td><label for="artArrows">Arrows (10r)</label></td>
<input type="text" id="artArrows" name="artArrows"
value="10" onblur="calculate(this)">
<td><label for="artDekuSeeds">Deku Seeds (5r)</label></td>
<select name="artDekuSeeds" id="artDekuSeeds"
<option value="0">0</option>
<option value="10">10</option>
<option value="20">20</option>
<label for="artBiggoronSword">
Do you want the Biggoron Sword (200r)?
<input name="artBiggoronSword" id="artBiggoronSword"
type="checkbox" checked="checked"
<td rowspan="2">Magics</td>
<input type="radio" name="artMagics" id="artDinsFire"
value="artDinsFire_1" checked="checked"
<label for="artDinsFire">Din's Fire (70r)</label>
<input type="radio" name="artMagics" id="artFaroresWind"
value="artFaroresWind_1" onclick="calculate(this)">
<label for="artFaroresWind">Farore's Wind (50r)</label>
<input type="button" value="Calculate!"
<input type="text" name="result"
id="result" readonly="readonly">
g127404Author Commented:
As much as I appreciate any responses... I've spent plenty of time trying to configure javascript calculators to work in my own code.  I'm a newbie at javascript and would rather not wade through all of that to find the one or two important functions I need.  I'd also like a specific coldfusion answer.  I know that javascript will be part of it but binding the calculated answer is also key.

THe problem is that coldfusion cannot do what you are asking without using AJAX or some other form of Javascript. WHat it seems to me you are trying to do is get the diffrence of hours and add them togeather. The problem is without submiting the form or using Javascript you cannot process any coldfusion code. Maybe you should look into cfajax and ask your question in the JS forum. THe problem is without AJAX the coldfusion code will run before the Javascript even gets parsed.
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g127404Author Commented:
I'm fine with using javascript or Ajax, I'd rather not get into another learning curve.  I'll look into Ajax and see if I can find a solution.
I thought I could get an easy script such as: (form.input1 + form.input2) = mytotalvariable
which I could bind to.
g127404Author Commented:
If I ask this in the java forum I'll get java specific answers which I'm not sure how to tie back into Coldfusion <cfinput>
g127404Author Commented:
Anyone else?
I think this is what you're looking for. Replace the input values with 0 to avoid NaN in the fields when it opens.

onBlur updates it as you go or the button can be clicked. Then in your update statement you just refer back to the form fields to update the table. Not sure how you have those fields setup so you may have to tweak something in your db tables


in 1<input id="intime1" value="6:00 am"><br>
out 1<input id="outtime1" value="8:00 pm" ><br>
lunch 1 (minutes)<input id="lunchtime1" value="0" onBlur="process();"><br>
total 1<input id="total_one" onChange="process();"><br>
in 2<input id="intime2" value="6:00"><br>
out 2 <input id="outtime2" value="20:00"> (showing we can take am/pm or military time entry) <br>
lunch 2 (minutes)<input id="lunchtime2" value="0" onBlur="process();"><br>
total 2<input id="total_two" onChange="process();"><br>
hrs <input id="hrs" value="">
mins <input id="mins" value="">
sum time <input id="time_sum" value="">

<button onclick="process(); ">get total</button>


<script language="javascript">
function process()
     var intime1 = new Date('1/1/2000 '+document.getElementById('intime1').value);     // clock in input box
     var outtime1 = new Date('1/1/2000 '+document.getElementById('outtime1').value);     // clock out input box
     // if removing  lunch time from calc take out next var and in diff1 calc "-(lunchtime1*1000*60)"
       var lunchtime1 = parseInt(document.getElementById('lunchtime1').value);     // lunch time input box
       var diff1  = (outtime1-intime1-(lunchtime1*1000*60))/1000/60;     // time in minutes
     var hrs1   = Math.floor(diff1/60);
     var mins1  = diff1-(hrs1*60);
     document.getElementById('total_one').value=(hrs1+':'+(mins1<10?0:'')+mins1);  // input box for 'total1'

     var intime2 = new Date('1/1/2000 '+document.getElementById('intime2').value);     // clock in input box
     var outtime2 = new Date('1/1/2000 '+document.getElementById('outtime2').value);     // clock out input box
     var lunchtime2 = parseInt(document.getElementById('lunchtime2').value);     // lunch time input box

     var diff2  = (outtime2-intime2-(lunchtime2*1000*60))/1000/60;     // time in minutes
     var hrs2   = Math.floor(diff2/60);
     var mins2  = diff2-(hrs2*60);
     document.getElementById('total_two').value=(hrs2+':'+(mins2<10?0:'')+mins2);  // input box for 'total2'

//repeat for as many totals as needed

//alert('diff1'); // use to alert you are about to see diff1 in seconds
//alert(diff1); //show diff1 value
//alert('diff2'); // use to alert you are about to see diff2 in seconds
//alert(diff2); //show diff1 value

// add more to this line if you added more inputs above
var diff_total = (diff1+diff2); //sum it up

//alert(diff_total); // show diff_total in seconds
var hours_total = Math.floor(diff_total/60); // convert to hours
//alert(hours_total); //show hours
var mins_total = diff_total-(hours_total*60); // now how many minutes left
//alert(mins_total); // show minutes

document.getElementById('hrs').value=hours_total; // write to form input fields with same name - case sensitive!
document.getElementById('time_sum').value=(hours_total+':'+(mins_total<10?0:'')+mins_total); // show it in one box

g127404Author Commented:
The Get Total button actually wipes out all the results and returns it default, but I can work on that.  The general operation was what I was looking for.

Thanks for your help.  Great job.

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