quick 500pts worth HELP for DELPHI beginer.

Posted on 2006-07-11
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Last Modified: 2010-04-05
Hi there,
Im a Visual Basic(6.0) Programmer. I have about 2 years experience on VB6 and im currently using it. I have studied java for few semesters @ university, havent use for few (4)  years.

Now my director ask me to have a look at DELPHI 6, Now I have few issues.

1  I dont know what sort of language is DELPHI. Is it similar to java? vb? is it object oriented?
3 Whats the Job market for DELPHI? How it ranks with other languages?
4 I see now higher DELPHI versions available in the market, Is it worth to learn DELPHI 6?
5 How hard to learn DELPHI?
6 Can you list good web links for DELPHI? samples, docs, help
Thanks Udana
Question by:udanabanana
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Delphi is Object Pascal
Delphi is a RAD (rapid application development) ie. you can make things very quickly
It looks like English... so it is easy and fast to pick up. You can look at a page of code and generally understand it (similar to VB)
There are a lot more jobs for C++ and Java than delphi, but there is enough jobs to go around. I would say there are 4 x more jobs for c++ than delphi
Delphi is moving to .NET also so it is future proof.
Delphi 6 is terrible. historically, only the odd versions were good Delphi 3, Delphi 5. Delphi7...
Delphi 7, or 2006 will be the best place to start.
Delphi is easy to learn. There are about as many demos/tutorials online as VB, and like I said before, it looks like english, so moving from VB to delphi is not a big deal.


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Accepted Solution

BBK_ earned 1000 total points
ID: 17087990
1  I dont know what sort of language is DELPHI. Is it similar to java? vb? is it object oriented?
      Ans. DELPHI is the windows version of Pascal. Which is not like VB /Java but it is Object oriented language.

      Ans. Those who know about the real Power of Pascal will embrace the Delphi as well

3 Whats the Job market for DELPHI? How it ranks with other languages?
      Ans. Delphi Job market is still HOT. The reason is due to the lack of Professionals who knows Delphi well. But as you compare the count of openings available with other technologies like C#/ C++/Java .. the count will be less.

4 I see now higher DELPHI versions available in the market, Is it worth to learn DELPHI 6?
      Ans. DELPHI 5 was the famous and mostly used version, but after that there was a series of releases from Borland and now it has reached Delphi2006.
5 How hard to learn DELPHI?
      Ans. If you have a good OOPS background and knows Pascal then it will be very easy. Even other wise also it is not a hard one to learn. Believe me I have been using Delphi for last 6yrs. From my experience, who ever have started to use Delphi had become the fan of that language

6 Can you list good web links for DELPHI? samples, docs, help
      Ans. There are many links available in net. You just give a search in Google, which will list plenty of links.
             But I will suggest two very good PDF’s come along with Delphi CD. QS.pdf (Quick startet) & DG.PDF (Developers Guide)

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Expert Comment

ID: 17088028
The learning curve is not steep for delhi.
You can easily develop neat applicaitons in a little time frame.

>>Now my director ask me to have a look at DELPHI 6
May be your director knows the beauty of delphi

For the basics and it is good reference site.


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ID: 17088585
if you know VB and java you might be interested that delphi also supports pointers, like C++. for newcomers its always a hard dive, but afterwards you know how powerful delphi can be.

delphi can be both: rapid (click your app together and throw some code into it), or basic (build really *everything* yourself - which results in a more tight exe). you can also build DLLs, console apps, services and even more. with 3rd components for free you also have unicode support everywhere.

if youre interested in the languages generally, check out this timeline: http://www.oreilly.com/news/graphics/prog_lang_poster.pdf - youll notice that pascal/delphi roots deep back in history

Expert Comment

ID: 17088843
If you compare the Borland C++  and Borland Delphi  Compilers they ara very simillar, to change from one to another it not a big issue. With :net you even can combine (both) tools.

Reading C++ code and Delphi (pascal) code I always feel that Delphi programmers generate code which is much better readable then others.
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ID: 17089084
BdLm: maybe youre right. but in writing nothing comes to c++ where i have the ternary operator :) a quite comfortable thing in pascal is "case", which doesnt need explicit breaks. of course, in minor cases you miss the option to run through other modes as well, but generally its more fitting your needs.
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Assisted Solution

by:Wim ten Brink
Wim ten Brink earned 1000 total points
ID: 17089112
My two cents...

1  I dont know what sort of language is DELPHI. Is it similar to java? vb? is it object oriented?

Delphi is an IDE. The programming language is Object Pascal. Historically, Pascal is an easy-to-learn language with a complexity that almost matches the capabilities of C. Pascal has even been used to build operating systems with, before C became a more popular language for that purpose.
And as the name implies, Object Pascal is object-oriented. Borland, who designed Delphi, has been working on developing the Object-Oriented Pascal language since before 1990 so they have lots of experiences with it. But OP is not 100% object-oriented. The standard datatypes are just plain data, not objects. (But Delphi for .NET is 100% OO.)


Why not? Delphi is an all-purpose language which allows you to create applications fast, for many different purposes. It's very multi-purpose and has been used to make control panel applets, screensavers, web server applications, client/server applications, CGI/ISAPI webpages, ActiveX/COM controls, DLL's and of course your plain vanilla web applications.
Object Pascal is almost as powerful in functionality as C++ so you have a lot of power under your control. Yet Pascal is almost as easy to learn as Basic. Even better, Pascal is an extremely strict programming language so there are less risks on bugs because of misuse of datatypes or typing errors.

3 Whats the Job market for DELPHI? How it ranks with other languages?

Depends on your market segment. In the banking world, Delphi happens to be in the top-3, being preferred over other languages just because it's powerful yet easy to learn. I have been writing applications in two weeks for customers who expected them to take months to finish, just based on their experience with developing in C++. However, nowadays there are good RAD tools based on C++ too.
I think the Job Market for Delphi will become smaller in the future when .NET becomes more popular and if C# increases in popularity. Compare it a bit with a language like COBOL. It will never die, but in 10 years, companies might be begging people for their Delphi experiences.
Anyway, in the Netherlands, if I would like to have another job as Delphi developer, all I have to do is say I'm available and about half a dozen companies will respond. Even funnier, I once put my CV online and for weeks I had people calling me about every day giving me all kinds of new, interesting job offers.

4 I see now higher DELPHI versions available in the market, Is it worth to learn DELPHI 6?

Yes, although you will miss the .NET software development possibilities. It's likely that 5 years from now, everyone will be developing .NET applications. Delphi 6 only creates WIN32 applications and thus you're limited to that platform.
I would suggest that you upgrade to Delphi 2006 since that would allow you to do .NET (1.1, not 2.0) development. With 2006 you will also get access to Borland C# Builder and C++ Builder, allowing you to combine your languages.

5 How hard to learn DELPHI?

In two weeks you should be able to write some basic Database applications with a simple user interface. Within a year, you should be one of the experts...

6 Can you list good web links for DELPHI? samples, docs, help

There are just too many Delphi links so maybe if you understand Dutch, you should visit http://delphi.startpagina.nl/ for an overview. If not, still visit it and click on the links anyway. :-)

Author Comment

ID: 17097097
Thanks guys. All of your answers did help.
I divide points evenly BBK_ between Workshop_Alex  for better response.
Accept BBK for quick response, and point form.
Thanks again.

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