Notes SQL Authentication List Manager Warning

Hi experts

I apologize from the moderator of EE if the question should be somewhere else.

I have CR 10 and Lotus Notes 6.5.4 March 27 2005 and Notes ODBC 3.02e.

It worked for awhile, then I started to receive this error : "This system could not properly load the version of Notes it found on this machine. Please see the NotesSQL user documentation for a list of supported versions of Notes."

I tried to configure the database connections through ODBC and thats what I got : "odbcad32.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience".

Any remedy for this please ? Many thanks in advance.
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DarthModConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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Faraj1969Author Commented:
Hi again, I remembered something now, I just recently upgraded Office XP to Office 2003.

Does that has anything to do with the ODBC ?

That could do it.  I believe that Office 2003 updates you MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) which includes the base dll's used for odbc connections.  I would look for a newer Notes ODBC driver and see if that solves the problem.
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Faraj1969Author Commented:
I upgraded from 3.02e to 3.02g but still the same

I believe Office 2003 changes some registry keys which is necessary for the ODBC, now I uninstalled Office 2003, but I think the changes wasn't reverted since I'm getting the same error. Is there any information or patch from Microsoft regarding this issue ?
>>> now I uninstalled Office 2003, but I think the changes wasn't reverted since I'm getting the same error

Unfortunately uninstall doesn't roll back mdac changes and I'm not sure that's the route you want to take anyway - that's just a guess on my part that the problem is there.  There is a Domino / Notes forum - you might want to try a posting there  because this seems more like a Notes issue than a Crystal issue.
Agree.  Keep this open (I can close and refund later if it doesn't get resolved here).

Frodman is correct that MDAC changes are not rolled back.  Mainly because I don't think they can be.

Faraj1969Author Commented:
Guess the only solution I can think of is to reformat the computer and avoid installing 2003, or install 2003 before installing Notes, NotesSQL and Crystal. What you think ?
Faraj1969Author Commented:
Hi again,

The only solution I found is to avoind 2003 for some time, this way everything is working fine, in any case, I'll try to get a test machine and regenrate the problem, then download the latest MDAC from Microsoft and see if it works. For now, mlmcc kindly close the question.

Many thanks to all for your support.
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