Can i restore from a physical server to a virtual server?

Using Live state recovery advanced server suite  6.0
I've created an image of a physical server and i want to restore it (using restore anywhere) onto a virtual server.
Is it possible?
Any how-tos or document that could help me here?

(OS= win2003)
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Check this out

VMware P2V Assistant v2.11 

Enterprise-Class Tool for Physical to Virtual Machine Migration VMware P2V Assistant is an enterprise-class migration tool that transforms an image of an existing physical system into a VMware virtual machine. This easy-to-use market- proven tool enables fast and reliable physical to virtual machine migration for heterogeneous Windows systems ranging from Windows NT 4 to Windows Server 2003.

You can use VMWare P2V Assistant as he mentioned for VMWare.

Also, if you have a Windows 2003 domain you can use Microsoft Automated Deployment Server (ADS) and MS Virtual Server you can download the Virtual Server 2005 Migration Toolkit:

Finally, you can use the old Backup and Restore to alternate hardware mentioned in KB249694 "How to move a Windows installation to different hardware":;en-us;249694
That works the same for physical to virtual, but is a much more manual process.

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Sorry for english improper.  Mind still up waking.
txarli33Author Commented:
thanks ded
i've had a look at it and seems like a good idea.
In this case though i'm restricted to use this particular software (live state recovery advanced server 6.0 suite) and i need to prove either right or wrong this feature.
If you have Vmware WS 5 or above you can directly import the image into the VM.
Just use the import utility.
Just browse out to the .v2i file and click OK to import.
No muss ,no fuss.

The M$ product is a royal pain in the @ss to use,so I wouldn't even try.
It's a real joke.

Thank your for points but B grade

txarli33Author Commented:
thanks everybody for your input
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