Visual Sourcesafe Ver 6 Shadow directory not updating

I am new to sourcesafe and have just started to add projects to manage source control. I have a wierd problem as follows:

When I create a new project and set the shadow directory files are automatically copied over and everything looks OK. When a file is revised - checked in and out. this does not update the shadow.

Does any one have any pointers for where to look, settings etc ?

FYI I am using SourceSafe Ver 6
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CetusMODConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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Ariful AmbiaHead of MISCommented:

Dear NSCexpert

Check your Shadow directory setting in MS VS Source Safe. It might be deleted. that's why it is not updating.

NSCexpertAuthor Commented:
Norman the shadow directory is not deleted.
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Ariful AmbiaHead of MISCommented:

i mean the setting of the shadow directory may be deleted. that's why your new work is not taking place in shadow directory.

NSCexpertAuthor Commented:
sorry I didnt explain myself clearly, The settings\path for the shadow directory is correct and in place.
NSCexpertAuthor Commented:
problem now solved, for the record the process that tweaked it was as follows:

create the project
create the shadow
upload your files from visual studio.

It must be done in this order for it to work.



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