Displaying more than 1000 records in a ASP page.

My application converts a CSV file into SQL server records and stores it in atable. A user can see these records on IE. The problem is my asp page is unable to display when there are more than 1000 records. It gives an IE error "page not found". What do i need to do to display more than 1000 records. i thought paging is a good idea but for some reason even that doesn't seem to be working. When I click on previous and next links , it gives me an error. "Page not found". Please help this is urgent.
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castrumConnect With a Mentor Commented:
normally you can show more then 1000 records in asp pages...
could you write your code ?

take care

tanveer_1476Author Commented:
Please close this call as raised in error pls refer to same question raised in ASP section.

tanveer_1476Author Commented:
Please close this call as this problem has been resloved.
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