How to convert a 'string' to

Posted on 2006-07-12
Last Modified: 2012-06-22

I'm trying to convert a __gc string captured from a textBox to a string from the 'string' class.  Here's what I'm doing now but I think it is problematic:

char TxtBuff[15];
string TxtBox;

TxtBox = TxtBuff;

sprintf has been doing the job but I think it is creating 'unseen' problems because I'll get errors during runtime that are weird to say the least.

What is the correct way ?  Thanks

Question by:John500
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Expert Comment

ID: 17092613
Use StringToHGlobalAnsi

const char* chars =
      (const char*)(Marshal::StringToHGlobalAnsi(str)).ToPointer();
std::string cString = chars;


Author Comment

ID: 17093909
I was able to follow most of your code but the last line threw me.  Can you rewrite it using the actual objects I am.  That is:

textBox1->Text         //  actual string being captured

string TxtBoxValue;   // actual desired end result or variable

Is this the idea :

const char* chars = (const char*)(Marshal::StringToHGlobalAnsi(textBox1->Text)).ToPointer();
string TxtBoxValue =  chars;

Concerning this line:


What does it do ?  If 'chars' can be assigned to 'TxtBoxValue', why go any further ?

Author Comment

ID: 17095130
If it's any easier, I could accomplish the same objective by doing a comparison if I knew how.   Using the 'string' class I would do something like this:

string MyString = "abcdefg";

if(MyString.Compare(0,7,"abcdefg") == 0)

but how to with the textBox ?


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Expert Comment

ID: 17095820
You can do this,
if(String::Compare(textBox1->Text,"abcdefg") == 0)

Author Comment

ID: 17100202

I ended up needing both approaches.  I've boosted the points to get additional info here.  The operations I'm handling capture input from one groupBox, perform logic and update another groupBox.  The logic requires the conversions we talked about and seem to be fine from the standpoint of compiling...

I haven't had a chance to run the program because when it comes to updating the othe groupBox I've determined I need to use an array to store values.  Here's what I'm doing in Form1.h:

     __gc System::String *groupBox1array;

private: System::Void Form1_Load(System::Object * sender, System::EventArgs * e)
                    groupBox1array = __gc new System::String[5];   //  one index for each groupBox element


When I compile I get the following error on the line below:

if(TextBox1_Value == 16)     // TextBox1_Value first converted to a 'string' and then a 'long'
        groupBox1array[1] = "This Is A Test";     // ERROR HERE

error C2845: '[': cannot perform pointer arithmetic on __gc pointer 'System::String __gc *'

 __gc System::String *groupBox1array;   //  ERROR HERE

error C3150: 'System': '__gc' can only be applied to a class, struct, interface or pointer

How do I get this __gc String array to compile and would that take care of the first error ?


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Accepted Solution

lakshman_ce earned 500 total points
ID: 17100481
Declare string array as

System::String *groupBox1array[];

In the load method allocate memory as

groupBox1array = new String*[5];

You can check the length directly on String object like this

if((textBox1->Text)->Length == 16)
groupBox1array[1] = "This Is A Test";


Author Comment

ID: 17104820
Thanks again !

Please keep an eye out for another question over the next 24 hours.  I don't know whether I have a threading issue or not.  I have  one main thread instead of multiple threads.  This thread polls five sockets which all need to access a queue.

Its the same queue you checked out for me a few weeks back.........


Author Comment

ID: 17121456

Can you check out this question and give me some input if you have any?   Maybe something will jump out at you in terms of why data is not being held in my queue.  



Author Comment

ID: 17122701

I added another comment which shows the function responsible for updating the queue.


How about taking a look?  Thanks,


Author Comment

ID: 17129829

Can you check out my last post on the question below?  Sorry to be a pest and thank you very much.


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