Cannot remove Boot Magic 7 from Windows XP Pro

Would anyone know why Boot Magic 7 is difficult to remove from Windows XP? I created a fat32 partition to install, then decided I was'nt going to use it after all, and then tried to remove. It said that the partition was hidden. I used Partiion Magic to "unhide" the partition but although it processed it and rebooted when I checked it was still hidden. Is it because it is a primary drive? Can I make it a logical and still boot?

I tried to delete the fat32 partition, but found I had to boot with my xp disk. It said mbr corrupt. So I put the partition back on and reinstalled Boot Magic 7 so I wouldn't have to use the xp floppy to boot.

Obviously I'm doing something wrong, but I want this thing off my computer! It takes forever to boot with it on.

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Wayne BarronConnect With a Mentor Author, Web DeveloperCommented:
This is what I teach everyone when backing up a system.

C:\Documents and Settings\<Username>\
From the following Folder, you will want to backup:

\Desktop\ <-- only if you want to remember what you had here
\Start Menu\  <-- only if you want to remember what you have here
\My Documents\

In side of the \Application Data\
Only backup certain key folders. Example:
Inside of:     \Microsoft\
\Address Book\
\Internet Explorer\  <-- has you Background image and Quicklauch items.
(Any other special profile folder you will want to back it up as well)

Inside of: \Application Data\
Backup any other important Profile folders.Items that you may need.

Inside of:  \Local Settings\
Only!! Backup (If you use it)
\Application Data\Identities\{really long # here}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

Nothing else really needs to be backed up from: \Local Settings\

After you have all that done, you are ready to reboot and Install.
Practice Tips for reinstalling Windows.

When you get to the Partition area of the Install.
[Delete] all Partitions that we made with Parition Magic
(I do not think they will show up in this area anyway)

Depending on the drive size, this is the recommended Partition Table.

Partition Table Example on a 100Gig Drive.
(You of course can change these up)

C:\ 10000   <-- 10 Gigs OS Drive.
D:\ 10000   <-- 10 Gigs Software Download drive. (Only store software here, do not install software in this Drive. It is called a [Storage Drive]
E:\ 10000  <-- 10 Gigs . Can be used for Office type programs and Data Storage.

After these "3" above initial Partition from the 100gig Drive.
You can do something like this.

F:\ 10000 <-- Backup Drive. THis is drive that you will use to do backups on, Example, like you are getting ready to do now. You will create a single folder Called:   F:\Backups\
Within Backups\ you will create a Folder with that days "Date" On it.
So you would do something like this for Today:
Example: Backups\July 13th 2006 <Username>\

If you have more then "1" computer, you can user this drive to backup it
up as well. In that case you would have it like so:
F:\Backups\<Computer Name>\July 13th 2006 <Username>\
And so forth.
This is a good practice, you will never loose nothing.
(I have 4yrs worth of Backups on my M:\ Drive.

G:\ 20000 <-- Media Drive. for Music and so forth.
If you do a lot of Movies, then you would want a drive for it.
H:\ 30000 <-- 30 Gig Movie Drive.

Always keep in mind that you want you media, and everything
((( This includes the "D:\Storage" drive above.)))
Always Catalog everything in there own Folders.

Example for "Music" (I am a BIG KISS fan, so I will use them as an Example here)

For KISS Media Files I would do something like this.

G:\Media Files\KISS\
Within the \KISS\ Drive, I would create a Folder for each "Album" they
released, that I have Media For. I would then place the Media
In it's \Album Folder\.
This makes for good House Keeping.

In the D:\ Storage Drive.
This is very IMPORTANT!!!!!!
When you download a program, place it inside a folder that it needs to be at.

Everything that deals with "Windows" Service Packs and everything
Goes into the D:\Windows Folder. And within there own Folder.

D:\Media\ <-- Anything Media related, inside their own Sub Folder
D:\Imaging\ <-- Anything software related to Imaging.
D:\Anti Virus\ If you use Norton, Download there daily updates here
D:\Office\ Anything that deals with Office related products, inside their own.
And so forth.

This is the best Practice, that I can teach someone.
I have Laywers, that still send me e-mails of how neat and tighty there
Computers are, compared to there Offices :)
I record producer in California, I assisted here using: PC Anywhere.
And Visually walked him through how to do this, and he
Still send me messages everyone once in a while letting me know
That he now teaches what I taught him, to his students in Computer Class
That he teaches at night, away from the Recording Studio.

Anyway, I am rambling.
Take care and there is anything else that you need to know, and if I did
Not cover anything in my Book that I just wrote here :) let me know, and I
Will add it in.

Take Care
(My little Mascout I made last night :)  Always wanted to do something like it, so I did it.)
(|:)=) ==|
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
You are getting ready to corrupt your OS, if you have not done so already.
Before going through all the checks and so forth.

Do you have the actual WinXP Pro CD, or do you just have a Manufactor Restore CD?
If it is a Manufactor then, we will move on.
If you own your own copy of XP Pro, then "Why" are you using "Partition Magic" to partition
your drives for?
Back up your system, (onto a CD or network drive)
Boot from the XP Pro CD, and [Delete] the entire drive partition(s)
And then recreate them to the size you want.
And install XP pro onto C:\ and have fun with your newly done system.

I do not think you are going to be able to make your OS Drive a Logical.
You cannot change it as far as I know, not unless that little horror program you have there
Will do it for you. (Referring to: Partition Magic) But I still would not chance it.
IF so, then Backup everything before doing it.

Take a look at these links
Bootmagic and Partition Magic Troubles

djsheltonAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the advice. I think I am more inclined to reformat and start over. I don't have a restore, just the OS disk. When you do a back up from C:\ does it make sense just to back up docs and settings, instead of the entire partition? I do have most of my media, etc. on a 2nd drive.

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djsheltonAuthor Commented:
I have printed out your book and will definitely do as it goes. Sounds very organized so that I know exactly where everything is! Just one question: Do all programs need to be installed on the C:\ drive to hook up with Windows registry?

djsheltonAuthor Commented:
Part 2: Forgot to ask this: a lot of my programs are downloaded or I don't have actual disks for except games. Can I back up programs or would that not work with the new OS registry?

Thanks for your tremendous effort on your "book."  :)))))
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
1st Question.
Nope, you do not have to install everything in C:\ Drive, this is a mis-conseption when it comes to
properly utilizing a Large Partition Structure.
When you have more the 1-Single partion, then you have the option of installing programs
Where you wish them to be at.

C:\ Drive. ONLY!!!!! install programs that "Need" to be there.
i.e.   Winzip, Winrar.  (Any Zip programs, prefer to be in C:\ Drive)
Windows is going to install it's components inside of C:\WinNT (or) (Windows)\ Sub-folders.
The C:\ Drive will grow right rapidly, on it's own within any outside interferance from us the User.

In the example Partition Table. (Will add a little more to this, for the rest of the Book :)  )
--------I am writing a book for WinXP, and I have a habit of over explaining things, but i make a point when I do it-----

Lets say this is true for you Partition Table.

C:\ 10gig OS Drive.
D:\ 10gig Storage Drive. (Do not install in this drive, only organize and store downloads)
E:\ 10gig Office Drive. (If you use Microsoft Office, install into: E:\Office\
                                 All documents that you produce, create seperate folder for them in the E:\ Drive.
F:\ 10gig Media Drive (Any Media application, Music & Video Application will be installed here:
                                Example:  F:\Nero\      F:\Quicktime\       F:\RealPlayer\
G:\ 10gig Imaging Drive (Any application that deals with: imaging, Animation, Processing of Image Files
                                    Example:   G:\Adobe\Photoshop CS\    G:\Adobe\Acrobat\  G:\PhotoSuite\
H:\ 20gig Programming ( IF you do any type of programming, (I strongly urge everyone to learn something)
                                    H:\Borland\Delphi\      H:\Borland\C++ Builder\   H:\Microsoft\C\
And so forth. I think you get the idea.

Programs that you have already installed, it is not very visable, "Unless" they can be run from the folder itself.
Without any .dll files located in the system\ & system32\ sub-folders.

Download, install and run this program

Belarc Advisory.

This program will give you a History of all installed programs on your system.
This way, you can print the information out and have it handy for when you start to download everything again.

For your software that you have downloaded from the internet, that you have purchased.
This program will give you your "Serial #" (In most cases, not all) for the installed program.
(Sometimes it is an encrypted # that you see, all depends on the program that you purchased).

I strongly advice you to get all your Registration information together.
Just in case you need them for when you start downloading the programs, and installing them.
You will like this Partition Table Structure, that I have examplified here.
I think that it will make you work a lot better and faster, and enjoy your computer a lot more
Then you have ever before.
It gives you the freedom to really explore your system and you have the ability to
Swap and move things around, to get them ready to Burn on CD/DVD

Example: D:\ Storage Drive.
Once you hit the 8Gig mark with only 2Gigs freespace left.
Then go through all folders, If they are "Zipped" progams, delete the Unzipped files
And "KEEP" the zip program file itself. In its Folder.
Example:   D:\Adobe\Photoshop CS\
You would keep the :  :  file. and delete the unzipped contents.

Then after you have everything the way that you want it.
Then using a program such as: Nero. And burn a DVD of your selected Folder.
Then Test, make sure that all the files in the Burn disk are good.
If they are good. [Delete] the folder from your D:\ Drive.
If they are not good on the DVD, then (If DVD-RW) Erase Disk and Reburn.
(If DVD-R) then trash it, and get another one out. (DVD-R's are cheap anyway, and DVD-RW's are getting cheap as well.
Get: DVD-R- (or) DVD-RW-  <-- That is a "minus  -  " at the end. they are either "minus (or) plus"
Minus is better, cannot remember why, but they are, and they are the same price at most places.)

Anything else, just ask.

Take Care
djsheltonAuthor Commented:
Hi Wayne, I was wondering what you think of third party back up software, like Acronis, etc. as opposed to just using the XP tools? Seems I have run into a snag getting my info back on the computer using this software.   I backed it up on another drive in the computer and now it won't go back to the same location so pretty much everything is not accesible from the new OS.

Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Hello Deb.
(I do no use any backup programs, so I am of no help to you there, I do everything by
Simple Windows Copy/Paste routines (or) Full Move of information.)

OK. Did you backup the folders that I said? (or) Did you also backup Programs and so forth?
If you backed up the Folders that I explained, and the XP Tools program will not put it back where
You need it at. Then this is a simple fix. (my way)

Open up

C:\Document & Settings\<user user>\

Now, open up the Backup folder (As long as it is not crypted with the tools that you used)
In another Window.

Start Copy/Paste the folders that you want to add back into your profile.

Just look at the folder structure from the Backup, and then look at your Folder Structure in your New Profile.
(Remember to enable [Show all files and Folders])
Tools | Folder Options | [View] Tab | Choose: [Show hidden files and folders]

The information that I provided for you in the previous post.
Is all Copy/Paste
I do not use no programs to backup anything. (Except on our Web Server, and it is [RoboCopy])
So hopefully, the program that you used did not mess up your abiliaty to Copy/Paste your information
Back to it's original destination.

Let me know.
I will be leaving here at 7:30pm EST "NC USA"
And will be back somewhere around 9-10:00 this evening.

Take Care
djsheltonAuthor Commented:
I did what you said on the back up. That's great info since I had always thought to have everything in one place. Just to keep a back up of certain areas is the best way to go when you need to get back running quick.

Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
One thing that most people do not think about (As my Father learned the hard way, and a 2-1/2hr trip for me to fix a HUGE mess-up)
when using such programs to backup their computers is this:

Lets say that you have a problem with your computer.
And it is not really a visible issue, but does cause either:
Slow Performance
Program Faults
Random Reboots
BSOD - Blue Screen of Death. (Memory Dumps, System Crash)

If either of the above was to apply to a system, when the End-User uses such program to create a Backup
Or there system. (Software, User Profiles and other) They also backup...
The same issues that are causing the problems to begin with.

As mentioned above.
This same thing (Of something similuar) happened to my Father.
He bought an External HD Backup Unit. (Backup Software included)
He was having some problems with his computer, (The backup was scheduled to run once a week)
So he dumped the system.
Reinstalled it.
Then ran the Backup (As directed by the instructions for the software)
And well. He was right back were he started from.
After I had repeatedly told him "Do Not" use the Backup drive/Software.
Only backup what is needed.

I went down.
Backed-up all his critical data. (Like I explianed to you above)
And then reinstalled his system.
He looked over at me, and asked: Why did you tell me about this earlier?
(I did, he just did not listen, he had a new toy and wanted to play with it, at his own expense)
Now he uses the Backup Drive, do backup ONLY the area's that I showed him.
And nothing more.
Doing it the way that I have explained here, Is the best and most effecient way of doing it.
This way, when you reinstall your system, it is nice and clean.
And everything runs like it should, without any problems.

Take Care
And hope that you enjoy your newly "Organized" system.

My Laptop, (Which I am using now)
Has a 120 Gig 7200rpm drive. (I can swap drives with my Home computer. It is the same size drive)
It has C:\ -through- N:\ Drives.
All of them are 10-Gigs a Peice.

C:\ OS Drive
D:\ Data Storage
E:\ Delphi Programming Drive
F:\ Animation Drive (Used for designing Animation from programs like "3D Studion Max & FormZ")
G:\ Web Drive (IIS5 Running a Web Server for developing and testing web sites before moving them over to our Web Servers)
H:\ Imaging Drive. (Photoshop, And all other Imaging software and Images)
I:\ Office (Office 2000, and all documents, stories, poems, Datafeeds and everything else to do with Office)
J:\ C++ Builder (Programming in C++ Builder and Visual Basic)
K:\ Media (All Media Software, music and video's that I work with before adding to our Media Server)
L:\ Blitz3D (Game Development Tools)
M:\ Networking (This is the drive that I backup all computer in the network to. (Just like I showed you))
N:\ Games (This is my fun drive, I install all Games that I like to play, of which I have not done in over a year, but they are still there to reinstall at anytime)

This Partition structure, is a life saver, no problems, no issues.
And everything is neat and tidey.
(No if only I can keep my home this clean, I will have it made :)  )

Take Care Deb.

djsheltonAuthor Commented:
I think if I had that many partitions I would become confused about them. Anyway, I do have a few now,  and as you said back up only what is needed, everything else will still be there when you're back up.  Now if I can just rememberto back up. :)

Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
All the drives are confusing to begin with, but after a few weeks they become part of the system and you.

Just remember to Backup every month.
If you have "IMPORTANT" data in your C:\Documents & Settings\<Username>\
Then you will want to back it up everytime that you access it. (or) Change the directory within the program
To another Drive, this will help out in the long run, as "1" less thing to worry about in case a system crash on C:\ Drive.
The only thing that has to be worried about if you have to do another "Install" is the programs have to be reinstalled that you have loaded. Now some programs do not need to be reinstalled. That is just something that you will have to test, as you will still have them in their Folders once the Reinstall is complete.
Lots of Fun :)

Take Care now
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