To write string date (record) into a file that has NO CR/LF, ie. in binary mode. or stream file

I have a program that write data in line-by-line mode that use the following code
dim ch_o as integer
dim data_str as string

 ch_o = freefile()
 open "out.txt" for output as #ch_o

 data_str = "1234 56 abcd"
    print #ch_o, data_str

this way, the data is writen in to file "out.txt", and create CR/LF at the end of each line

Now, I have a need to write the datafile, that will be continous char by char,  NO CR/LF
but each data line could be a variable length.  (I suppose I can write one byte at a time).

  1. How do I open that file  (for output, or for append), must have some file type?
  2. what vb6 syntax I need to use?

     for i = 1 len(data_str)
        write ch_o, mid(data_str,i,1)

 I am sure VB6 can take care of this type of issues.  Please help me.



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sakuya_suConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yeah liek that one
you can do open *** for binary output as **
mshox1Author Commented:
Sakuya,  Let me make sure I understand it correct.  are you saying I should do the following coding:

    open "my_output.dat" for binary output as #ch_o

  '  this will open the file "my_output.dat" for binary, and output mode

  to actual write the data into the file.  what I should do?
     assume we have data_str = "abcdef"
     print #ch_o, data_str
     print #ch_o, "12345"

   the data file will have "abcdef12345"   after the above 2 statement?

 Please verify, and if you can give some code example in VB6 will even better.


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mshox1Author Commented:
to all:

do you know if there is a 'dump' file utility program that can display the
binary code (either ascii, or hex) value for a given file.

I need to see what the output looks like (i.e. if crLF) are NOT written.


Search Google for "hex editor" :)
This is the one I use:

You can also open it in notepad if its ascii data, just dont save it
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