moving through records

ok what settings need to take place to just be able to move to next records using ado on the client side.It seems like the only way I can do it is to delete the current record and move to the next record but this I do not want to do I want to be able to move to the next record without deleting.
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jomacincConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How are you opening the recordset then?
Sounds like a curser problem, can you post you code for just that?
Dim oADO As ADODB.Recordset

' << Open Recordset Here >>

Do While Not oADO.EOF
  ' << do whatever you need with this record >>
  Call oADO.MoveNext
The point there is the "MoveNext" method.
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thenoneAuthor Commented:
I do that and it doesn't movenext exactly what you have written.
thenoneAuthor Commented:
no its something else that is going on and I figured it out.Since I answered my own question can you answer another question.If I am showing all records in a set in maybe a label and I am not deleting them to count down.Ho can I show how many records that I have left to move thru.
Use the "AbsolutePosition" property

[Number of Records Left] = oADO.RecordCount - oADO.AbsolutePosition
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