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Remote Desktop Redirected Printer Doc -- Thousands of 'em.

I have this horrible Canon MF5550 printer. (Multifunction, yup.)

Aside from the fact that it regularly goes offline and sucks down toner like a drunken sailor drinks rum, it appears to get these remote desktop redirected printer docs stuck in its memory. It will still print other docs, even though there are thousands of these things ahead of it, but it slows down printing abominably (like takes 3-5 minutes to print.) so every two days or so, I have to go into the printer and delete these things -- and I am talking like 25,000 - 50,000 of them -- which takes a while, too.

Canon was no help, they said it's a network problem. (Typical) But none of the other printers on my network are experiencing this issue. It is connected locally to one of the computers via a USB port and then shared over the network.

Any advice/input would be greatly appreciated.

1 Solution
I assume these files are actually on the PC, rather than on the printer.

Have you tried connecting it to another PC? Try it first without sharing it. If that is OK, then share it out and see what happens. If that's still OK then the first PC needs attention - and we have to figure out what to do to it
VeeVanAuthor Commented:
I have no idea where the files are. All is says in the printer queue is "Remote Desktop Redirected Printer Document." It looks as though it's coming from one of the networked computers whenever they print, but I can't figure out how or why...

I can't really connect it to another computer without totally rearranging my office... anything else I can try first?
If they're in the queue then they're on the PC, not the printer.

Try just disabling the sharing of the printer. That should stop the junk. If it does, we know it's coming off the network. Although that's  almost certain, we need to make sure. If the queue stays clean while not sharing, we can try to see where it comes from.

I don't know how many people use this printer. If there are only a few, try to convince them to help you, by not printing for a while. If the queue stays empty, ask each user to print, check what happens to the queue. You may be able to discover which PC is doing it

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VeeVanAuthor Commented:
I actually know which PC is doing it, since it shows the user name in the queue. I think I can get everyone to print to their local printers for a while today, thought, if that helps.

Any ideas on what I should do to the computer that's causing all the problems?
Well, since you know which PC is doing it, you don't need to bother the other users.

I would start by deleting the driver from that PC. Open the Printers Control Panel, click on the printer and press Delete. Next go to the File menu in Printers and select Server Properties. Click on the Drivers tab, select the printer and remove it. Then reinstall the driver.

To ensure you remove everything associated with the driver, an even better option is to use Kyocera's driver remover. It works for all printers. See

VeeVanAuthor Commented:
Ok. Well, I figured it out. For whatever reason, the printer was installed to print using the RAW data format instead of EMF. Once i changed it to EMF, it works great and no extraneous Remote Printer Desktop Docs.

Thanks for your help.
This also happens with the Canon MF 6550 printer.

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