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Disk or network error.

Hello Experts
I have a web page which updates an access.mdb, well it used to!

This is developed on my local PC using localhost as the server.

XP was recently reinstalled and now on this PC the update page fails with an error

Microsoft JET Database Engine (0x80004005)
Disk or network error.

The database is works OK and I have Internet Guest account set up for IUSR_Machine name

Any ideas please?
2 Solutions
sorry about that, wrong thread...
Lee SavidgeCommented:

It is either a permissions problem or if you are connecting using ODBC then have you set up the db as an ODBC datasource? When opening an MDB file an LDB file is created. It might be that the IUSR_<COMPUTERNAME> doesn't have write permissions to either the MDB file or the LDB file that needs to be created. Try these steps:

1. Right-click on the folder contianing the MDB file and select Properties.
2. Uncheck the Read-only property if it is checked.
3. Click on the Security tab in the properties window. If you don't see such tab (Windows XP), close the properties window, open any folder, select Tools -> Folder Options -> View, and uncheck the option Use simple file sharing.)
4. Click Add and find, then select the user IUSR_<COMPUTERNAME>.
5. Select the Write checkbox in the Allow; column to assign Write permissions to the IUSR account.

Hope this helps.



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See this  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/251254/

I got this from somewhere else
if you get a "disk or Network Error" then one of two things is wrong, the MDB file you are trying to 'access' is not accessable, meaning that the server this file resides on is not running properly.....or #2, your MsAccess application is not installed locally, but rather installed to run from the server (check your C:\Program Files\MsOffice or C:\MsOffice directories, depending on which version you are using, and see if the MsAccess.exe is present)

Also Have u confirmed the DB is not corrupted?

Sometimes u get a similar message when the DB has become corrupt.
Have u tried opening the DB? Once open, do a compact/repair
Also try a decompile http://www.granite.ab.ca/access/decompile.htm (only do if corrupt db found)

johnhardyAuthor Commented:
Thanks Isavidge I have gone right through 1 to 5 and it made no change.

Thank you also rockiroads
I found this article
Define a TMP or TEMP environment variable and assign the variable to an existing folder. If you are accessing the Access database from IIS, be certain to check the system environment settings rather than environment variables of the logged-on user. Also ensure that the IUSER anonymous IIS account has access to the temporary folder.
You must restart the computer after changing any environment variables.
Environment variables are set under Windows NT 4.0 by going to the Control Panel and clicking System and then selecting the Environment tab.

But do not understand it.
It seems to refer to NT4 and I am using XP

I found access.exe OK and did a compact and repair with no probems.
johnhardyAuthor Commented:
I think we have put that one to bed.

For some reason the connection had an extra Line
which when I commented out the page went on to my next error which is some relief!

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