Telnet and mail client (outlook Express)

Dear Gurus,
Iam facing typical problem with my sendmail.We are using sendmail ver2.8 on our Solaris 8
we are able to send and receive mails sucessfully from within our domain where as external domain as well. Thus ,We donot have any problems in sending and receiving mails

We are having a paging system.which sends paging messages to the users who carry pagers .we haveinstalled pager softere which was developed on C and installed under user pager
   wheneveri want to send a paging info to any person..i logon  to my user through telnet and using command line 'mailx pager' and in the 'subject line i  will give concerened user pagernumber and we type message in the next line and send .
 Absolutely we are not facing the problem

But the problem is  that whenever we try to send a message to pager through mailclient like  outlookexpress we are not able to send paging message sto the concerened users and we are getting error  message as follows:

However for normal users we are able to send and recieve messages through mailclients(outlook express) without any problem
The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
    (reason: 139)
    (expanded from: <>)

   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
Segmentation Fault - core dumped
554 5.3.0 unknown mailer error 139

               **** P.S: /net_dsk/admin/pager is the homedirectory of the user 'pager'******
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windows_eXPertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think he means that you need to change the HTML option to Plaintext. Pagers probably can't parse HTML anyways.
Open OE, go to Tools > Options > Send and choose Plain text under "Mail sending format".

Let me get this straight. You have mailboxes, and one for pagers. On receipt of a message by "pager" user, a program is run that sends a page to somebody based on the subject. Under telnet the program works fine, but thru OE it crashes.

What crashes? Sendmail or your program? If sendmail crashes, it seems as if it (sendmail) has issues talking to your pager software. If your pager crashes, it has trouble parsing the message (or similar).

When you type mailx pager, are you connecting to sendmail and sending through that to pager prog, or are you running/talking to your pager program directly?
Aland CoonsSystems EngineerCommented:
Segmentation Fault - Core Dumped indicates the software on the mail server is attempting to address memory outside the current segment.

It is likely that Outlook Express is adding something to the mail format that is not expected by your pager processor.  Try sending it in "plain text" without any formatting.  You need to compare the actual formatting of the messages from each of the mail clients.  (Try using Thunderbird or Outlook 2003, also).

A possiblity is that data is being looked up in a table on the mail server.  Do messages sent to recipients starting with say A-F work but recipients from G-Z fail?  That would indicate an attempt to lookup data past the end of a table.  These would be issues to workout with your unix admin and mail server support team.
srini123Author Commented:
Dear alandc,
Thnaks for your commenst..
It is working perfectly alright when we are sending in plain text..
However We want to send those messages  through mail client (say outlook express or Eudora etc) .We are facing this problem while sending thorough these mail clients..
We will get the error immediately as shown in my earlier mail above  once i send message throughmy mailclient.


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