Looking for HTML Color Codes for Platinum, Gold, Silver

Looking for HTML Color Codes for Platinum, Gold, Silver.  Any suggestions?
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geordie007Connect With a Mentor Commented:

this question is all a matter of opinion. but how about:

platinum = #CAD3D0
gold = #f0c816
silver = #E7E7E7


Thought these might be of use to you:

There are 216 "Safe colours"

you can create your own colours using hex, rgb, name or mixing here:

personally i think gold = FFD700
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NAORC is on the money when he says that there are 216 safe colours. however, these 216 colours were accepted as being web safe when most computers supported only 256 colours. the latest stats however suggest that 3% of machines browsing the internet now can only display 256 colours. 16% can display over 65 thousand. 81% can display over 16 million. what does this mean? you can forget about websafe colours and use whatever you want! :)
In my office, I keep the chart from www.visibone.com.
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