How to set up a Welcome/Acceptance Page for Network Users

I'd like to set up a page that users must agree to before they're able to actually access the internet, kinda like most hotels have it these days. I'm not sure how they do it; routing? Proxy server?

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kaerezConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need a proxy/router that receives all traffic and displays the page before usage.
Many appliances offer this including D-Link and others however the best one I
know of it by CheckPoint's Sofaware Technologies -
Also you can, if a very basic unsecure method is needed, use a pc to accept all traffic
and act as a gateway for all the traffic so you can force acceptane and/or authentication
however it is much more professional, secure and stable to use a specifically desinged
appliance such as stated above.
solaronAuthor Commented:
I'm going to go with the DLINK option, I -think-. It's looking about 500 bucks for the model I'd need that would support it. Whatcha think?

You've already gotten the answer, Kaerez, so I'll award points once we're done talking! :)
Well Dlink is cheaper but from experiance the Checkpoint option is a whole lot better
although it costs more and you'll need the wireless model + power pack which makes
it close to 1000 USD so it depends on your pocket.
The Checkpoint option also allows creation of multiple virtual access points
and Virtual Lan's so if you can afford it it's better.
solaronAuthor Commented:
Great! Thanks.
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