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Hi there,

We have placed a google adword in a country where we have no physical presence. Is there anyway of checking what my add might look like, that is looking at the same user experience a person 'googling' in the target country would have.

Any help appreciated.

Kind regards,

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ChoobsTechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi paul!
Just tested it... You can emulate being in a different country, just choose a proxy from that country and you're done...
I tested it with TV ;)
here's is the script explaining how to set a proxy easily...

Hi Paul,

You might try the Google language tools page and search there:

Choose "Search pages written in" and " Search pages located in".

I hope this helps.

Please post your website here and I'll see what I can do.
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plambkin1Author Commented:
Hi there,

Unfortunately this solution does not work for Google adwords as it throws up adds based on the Clients IP address wthich in turn is geographical based.



You are correct, it seems the Google uses the IP address. These tips may help:

From that page:

What You Can Do So You See Your Ad

The following tips may help you see your ad:

Try searching for your ad from a computer with an IP address in your target region. At times, the ISP might assign an IP address outside the region where you're physically located. Contact your ISP to find out the location of your IP address and to make sure it's identifiable.

Add the location of your IP address to your list of target locations.
If you're targeting U.S. locations, instead of searching for your keyword alone, try searching for your keyword (on the domain) in combination with the name of your targeted location - such as New York pizza.
Failing the above, perhaps get into contact with somebody in that country, and have them view the advertisement on their computer and send a print-screen image to you?
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