Cisco Router - Priority for VOIP traffic / Bandwidth reservation que

Hi All

We have the following senario

Cisco 1721K9 Router (off board VPN)

We will have 3 Fast ethernet interfaces

Interface 1 - WAN Connection to the Internet (3 x VPN connections to other sites - low traffic from 2 of those)
Interface 2 - Internal VOIP network
Interface 3 - Internal Data Network

What is the best method to prioritise voice over data in and out to the ITSP (not over VPN)
Can we reserve a certain amount of bandwidth to be certain we will have enough for a few incoming voice calls no matter what ?

Thanks for your help
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mikebernhardtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can reserve bandwidth for outbound traffic using a number of different queuing methods. But only your ISP can reserve bandwidth for your inbound traffic- they have to prioritize what they send you.
The easiest way is to flag interface 2 as having higher priority over 3
ggnttAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply Mattbcs

I was hoping someone would have a sample config

Ah I can whip up a sample for you here in an hour or two!

- Matt
mattbcsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I a bit tired to write code, but I found you cisco docs that tell you exactly how to do diferent ways actually:

Priority By Interface:

Priority By Protocol:

If you have questions, or want me to write some code, let me know. :)

- Matt
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