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I have a basic question... I am completely new to Unix, and I can not figure out how to login to our Unix server. I have a username and password. I tried telnet, but I get a could not open connection to host on port 23: connection failed. I tried putty using telnet but it displays a blank screen then times out. I tried using SSH with putty and it asks for login as, but when I enter the username and passord it says access denied. What I am doing wrong, and is there anyway to get around this via ftp or any other means?  

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tfewsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Logging in as root is probably disabled for remote connections; Either
- Log in as an unprivileged user and use `su -` to become root, or
- Log in as root on the console
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
If putty is not letting you in via SSH, then I suspect your username and/or password is incorrect.  Contact the system administrator and have them reset it.
lwmjenkinsAuthor Commented:
Only 1 problem with that... that's me the newbie... I am using the password the previous admin left, but it's not working...
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You account can be expired, you need to ask your system adm to check it out.

Some system has firewall installed might not allow you to remote login from anywhere, you need to ask you sys adm for how and where you can login to the

Good luck!
Do you have root password?
You could try to login on the physical console as root.
If access denied, this password is incorrect.
If acces granted, you will check network services (telnet, ssh) by netstat.
And finally if network services are working, you could create new user for logging remotely and check firewall settings for telnet/ssh to this box.
If none of the above give you any joy then I'm afraid it's a case of boot from the install media, break the install to a terminal, mount the root partition (note because you booted from a cd the cd is the current root) then you can edit the /etc/passwd file to take out the password.

Reboot, and hey presto!
lwmjenkinsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the advice, I haven't gotten a chance to try to logon to the physcial console as root yet, but I'm pretty sure that will probably work. (Keeping discussion open just in case) Where can I get instruction on website administration for Unix servers? I need to point a couple of new domain names to one that is already setup on the server, but I am having trouble finding the commands to do this.
either you have a documentation where to read how to connect to the system (http, ssh, whatever),
or you need to log in and analyze the system,
or you need to hack the system
If you don't know anything, I'd simply trash this system and setup new from scratch.
If you know nothing about the system, and you have to
manage the system, it is better to perform a fresh installation to have a good starting point.

If you need helpto get rid of the root password, please post your OS version and hardware platform.
lwmjenkinsAuthor Commented:
I was finally able to get in. I had to get a valid unprivileged user password and then use the SU command. Any ideas about what file I need to edit to point the domains?
Glad to hear you're sorted out; Sorry I cant help you on configiring domains - It would be best  if you opened a new question, focussing on that issue, to get more attention.
lwmjenkinsAuthor Commented:
I actually got it... had to reach into the far corner of my brain but I got it... thanks again
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