Installing XP pro in a dell dimension 9150 on a Hard Drive Mirroring setting

I'm having problems installing XP professional w/ sp2 volume License. First of all I bought a Dell Dimension 9150 and it came with Mirroring HD Raid. The OS that was installed in this System was XP home edition. I want to install XP Pro but it’s not recognizing the HD. The dell reinstallation CD that came with it has a folder call $OEM$ and It has the drivers that it need to recognize my HD. I try coping that folder so I can install XP pro but it didn’t let me copy.  I need help installing XP Pro w/sp2? Can some one help me? Thanks
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KenneniahConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Download the drivers from
Run the file to extract the files out, then copy those files to a floppy disk.
Then during Winows setup, press F6 when it prompts to install third party drivers and happy the floppy disk in the drive.
"happy the floppy disk...." hehe, happy = have :P
jolivareAuthor Commented:
Thanks alot for your help!!!!
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