Windows XP Pro Backup Utility with Tape System

Posted on 2006-07-13
Last Modified: 2010-04-03
Greetings all.  

I've taken the low road, or maybe it's the high road, and I've decided to use the Backup utility that came with Windows XP Pro. The computer is a Dual CPU Xeon 3.4 GHZ running XP Pro SP2 with all of the latest updates.   I've installed a Quantum DLT VS80 tape backup and will be using a 2-week tape backup cycle.  Imagine a brand new computer where nothing has been done except Windows updates, loading Norton 8.1, and loading the tape drive.  I have experience running Veritas Backup Exec with the same tape backup system (and HP), and limited experience running the XP backup utility backing up to a hard drive location.  Everything is brand new; computer, tape hardware, tapes, everything.  

I've gone through the XP Pro Backup wizard and I've set up a weekly backup schedule, which I set for a few minutes ahead of the current time to test it.  The first backup works, but when I try it a second time with the same or even a new tape it fails; the report for the first backup shows success while the report for the second backup is blank.  I have noticed that when I go to the Computer Management Console located in the Administrative tools and look under the removable storage media I rename the tape (say its the first successful backup tape) then I go through the Backup Wizard again it works, but only for that first time.  It appears that the Windows XP backup utility overwrites the name of the tape using a time/date/stamp standard, and when it goes to launch the second backup (say with a new tape) it looks for the media it named earlier, even when I select "New" under the Wizard's third or fourth setup window.  I am clueless.  Is it possibly an inventory issue where I have to Catalog all of the new tapes first into the system before I can use them?  I am at a loss.  You're help is greatly appreciated.

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if you go to scheduled tasks and right click the job then properties you see somthing like:

  /a /d "Set created 13/07/2006 at 22:18" /v:no /r:no /rs:no /hc:off /m normal

try to add "um" switch:   /a /d "Set created 13/07/2006 at 22:18" /um /v:no /r:no /rs:no /hc:off /m normal

also check this link:

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You have to set the tape to be overwritable. The GUI interface for ntbackup tends to be rather spartan and you don't have all the options available that way. I suggest you create backup jobs using batch files from the command prompt, that allows you to fine tune your backup so it actually does what you want it to do. To get the syntax enter ntbackup /? from a command prompt.

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This is how I setup my backups:

Start --> Run

You will be in "Wizard Mode"
Click on "Advanced Mode"  (it will be underlined in the middle of the window)

Select "Backup Wizard (Advanced)"

A new window called "Welcome to the Backup Wizard" will pop up
Click on the "Next" Button

Select "Backup Everything on this Computer"
Click on the "Next" Button

Choose your Tape Drive as the Destination
I would also change the name of the Backup to something like "ServerNameBackup"
Click on the "Next" Button

Another new window called "Completing the Backup Wizard" will pop up
Click on the "Advanced" Button instead

Select the Type of Backup you desire
In your case, just leave it to "Normal"
Click on the "Next" Button

I normally do not select the "Verify data after backup" but you can highlight it if you like
Click on the "Next" Button

I select the "Replace the existing backups"  This way, I can set multiple backups on different days of the week, and they do not add on to each other, more on this later.
Also select the "Allow only the Administrator and owner access to the backup data
Click on the "Next" Button

Select Later for the "When do you want to run the backup?"
Enter in a Job Name (it could be the same or different from the name you have given before, it doesnt matter)
Click on the "Set Schedule Button"
This is where you can play around with the times you want to use.  I will tell you what I do at the end of this.
Dont forget to click on the "Settings Tab" that is there too.  I adjust the "Stop Tasks if it hangs from 72 hours to 5 (depending on how much data you are backing up)
Click on the "OK" button
Click on the "Next" Button

You may have to type in a password a couple times, you may have to do this routine twice.
Click on the "Next" Button

When it is all done, click on the "Finish" button

Thats it!  My setup is like this, and there may be people that argue why I do it this way, but there are a million different ways how to save your backups.  Lets say that I wanted to save my backup everyday.  I would follow the steps above and create a job for each day.  I would create a backup called Server1mondaybackup.  When I create the schedule, I select run "Once a week" and highlight the "Monday" option.  I do this for each day.  There are a million different ways how to do this, I just hope I pointed you in the right direction.  Dont forget to view the Backup Logs and make sure that everything went ok.  

To view the Backup logs:

Start --> Run

You will be in "Wizard Mode"
Click on "Advanced Mode"  (it will be underlined in the middle of the window)
Select "Tools" from the Toolbar
Select "Report"

To view the Backup Schedule:

Start --> Run

You will be in "Wizard Mode"
Click on "Advanced Mode"  (it will be underlined in the middle of the window)
Select "Schedule" from the Toolbar
***NOTE this is where you can delete your scheduled jobs too!

Good Luck!

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