AD 2000 Exchange migration to AD 2003 Exchange + new domain

Here's the situation

2000 active directory

2000 server
domain controller
file/print server

2000 server

We have 2 brand new DELL servers

2003 SBS standard
will host exchange
will be domain controller

2003 Standard
will host files/printers

What I want to do is eventually replace the old 2 servers.

What are some suggestions on the best / cleanest way to do this?  Do you suggest adding them to current domain and go about it that way?  or should I create a totally new domain and migrate the Exchange data over to the new domain (if so, how?).  # of user accounts / permissions are minimal.  Switching over to a new domain will not be a problem if that's the easier way to go.

Thanks in advance
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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That article should explain the transition pretty well:
How to install Small Business Server 2003 in an existing Active Directory domain

To move the files, I'd recommend robocopy from the Resource Kit Tools (check robocopy.doc in the install folder for details):
Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools

If you have enough printers setup for it to be a pain to recreate them, check out t he print migration tool:
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Print Migrator 3.1
Pro4iaAuthor Commented:
I forgot to mention also that amount of data is minimal and so is the # of printers.  
I'd just go with the first article; no need to create a new domain if you can upgrade rather easily. robocopy is still a good tool, as you can copy the permissons as well, and if there are just a few printers, I'd install them "clean".
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Pro4iaAuthor Commented:
how does SBS Exchange work with another full version of Exchange on the same AD?
Why "another version" of Exchange? The move of the current Exchange data to the SBS is described in the above link as well.
Pro4iaAuthor Commented:
I mean Exchange 2000 with SBS Exchange 2003.  I have ran into that documentation you mentioned previously.
I will refer to it.

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