DTSPackage LoadFromSQLServer

I have use vb code before and worked fine.

 Const PackageFileName = "myfile.dts"
        Dim oDTSPackage
        oDTSPackage = CreateObject("DTS.Package")
        oDTSPackage.LoadFromStorageFile(PackageFileName, "")
        oDTSPackage = Nothing

When I run this code with in vb.Net I'm not getting any error and works fine w/developer PC.
But when I ran same application from other PC, I get no error but Package did not run.

any idea

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Shakti109Connect With a Mentor Commented:

If you are using another .DLL that contains functions/methods/etc to connect up to the SQL server for the DTS pacakge, and it is not on the target machine, then it will definately not work.

You may not be getting an error due to the lack of error trapping in the DTS package.

As far as the program is concerned, it told the DTS to "execute" and the DTS did, but couldnt do anything (and didnt have the logic to pass an error back), and even if it could, you are'nt asking for anything back : oDTSPackage.Execute().
If that line read something like : oDTSSuccessCode = oDTSPackage.Execute() (and the DTS pacakge had knowledge/methods to pass it's status back) then you might get an error.


I'm assuming this DTS pacakge is "real" and connects to an instance of SQL server through some means and then does some work.

If you are using a mapped DSN on your development machine and the DTS pacakge is referencing that connection, then it probably does not exist on the target machine.

How is the DTS interacting with the server (as in how does it connect)?
xrokAuthor Commented:

I did not create a connection between PC and Server using DSN
vb.Net program has .dll file to connect to Server for application to access server.
I guess that is one I'm missing.... for DTS package.
I was not getting a error like Access Denied or anything..

Ralf KlattConcerned World CitizenCommented:

Seems to be the very old "SQL-Server-Create-A-Share-To-Target-First" problem ... meaning, create a network share to the targeted SQL Server ... and try again ... ;-)

Best regards,
xrokAuthor Commented:
Thank You open my head

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