Printing a pdf from a link

Is there anyway for me to print a pdf file from a link in a coldfusion template?  Ideally I would like the pdf to just print with a print dialog box opening up.  If I can't do that then my second choice would be to just have the print dialog box display and not have a pop-up window.

Any thoughts?
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PluckaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Then it's not possible
mmc98dl1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I dont believe so. In an html page you would be able to use some js like


Because pdf is a plugin to the browser or its launched xternally to the browser you dont have any control over it.

I also doubt that pdf writers have the option to force print on open, after all that defeats the purpose of the pdf right?

Is this in a controlled environment or to users out in Internet land.

lostboyinsoflaAuthor Commented:
THis is to users on the internet.  I don't have any control over their OS or browser.
lostboyinsoflaAuthor Commented:
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