Table with gaps

I am trying to create a table that has no gaps between the cells. I am just using background colors to make colored squares. When I see the table in a browser, there are always gaps between the cells...

Any idea on how to remove the gaps?

Below is some source...

<TABLE border="0" cellspaceing="0" cellpadding="0">
<TR><TD width="100" height="100" bgcolor="#9c9c00 ">&nbsp;</td><TD width="100" height="100" bgcolor="#9c9c00 ">&nbsp;</td><TD width="100" height="100" bgcolor="#9c9c00 ">&nbsp;</td></TR>
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If you remove the "e" you will see no gaps in your table.
first off, it's cellspacing  no "e"  otherwise, I'll get you a brief template to help you.
stakorAuthor Commented:
Yup, a typo. It was driving me mad. But sometimes you just can't see your own typos...

I'm not sure what you use to write your code with, but I would highly suggest Dreamweaver.  If that's way out of your budget, a program like Coffee Cup Editor  helps pick up on typos.
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