Import an existing SQLCe DB file (.sdf) to eVB emulator

Hi all..

I have an application + a DB of .sdf format. I'm wondering how do i import it into my platform to do test on it through that DB?

my app code is in eVB, i'm using emBedded VB 3.0 to code it. How do i import an existing SQLCE sdf file into  my pc and let my ap the DB ?
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Ya! I know this error.

You cannot debug your PDA with just any embedded platfform SDK version, your PDA OS version must match the platform SDK version. There is an SDK for each platform version.

Microsoft had an bug in an SDK for an older platform ( WindowsCE 2000 or 2002, can't remember which), this could be solved by changing a regustry entry to match the correct platform GUID. Unfortunately I don't remember which registry entry to fix, so Google it.

In such cases where I cannot debug my application, I use a remote debugging tool found here, but is only for C applications, but if you are serious about your application you will be using C in any case. 

Also, please don't refer to Windows CE devices as palm, as confusion will occur between the Palm Pilot devices. Its generally accepted to refer to Palm Pilot as Palm and Windows CE devices as PDA, Windows Mobile, or WinCE.
Sylpheed777Author Commented:
Anyone know how to do this??
This is a problem!

you can't just copy the sdf to your pc and use it. The database must be synchronised with you PC, the reason is because API's for reading\writing sdf (or pocket access) only exist on the PDA, therefore some synch process is required. Microsoft provides SQL server replication for this task, but this requires IIS and Activesync even though you might just plan to use cable transfer. There are other enterprise products that can do this, one such product I have used that's very easy to use is OneBridge from ExtendedSystems (purchased last year by Sybase).

The other possibilities available to you is to export the data to some other medium, either CSV or there are other open source embedded databases availble.

Another possibility is (but I have not tried this, so I'm unsure). Use SQLMobile I believe these files can be copied to and fro different MS platforms without the need for Synching. But you might not be allowed to have SQLCE and SQLMobile co-exist.

Final possibilities I can think of is to write a transfer process,
1. Create a PC program to use RAPI, the Activesync database sync API to copy records to\fro PC and PDA.
2. Create an IIS process to sync the records (ie. NET remoting or webservice)

Finally! scream....
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Sylpheed777Author Commented:
Hmm guess it is a big problem then... I'm tryign well with this, i'm trying to deploy my program directly into my palm, problem is i can't use the Deploy Debug method like i can in

i have to compile it to cab file then run it in the palm, which i find it very very hard to debug :(

I'm getting this error when i try to connect directly to my palm

"The platform Manager could not connect to the device. This happens if the project type does not match the connected device, or if a required file in Windows CE Services, or platform SDK is missing or corrupt. (ErrorCode=0xLX)


"Connection Failed (Error Code = 0xLX) Make sure your device is connected. You may need to verify your configuration by pressing the Configure button in Project Properties. You also may need to reinstall the Platform SDK."

i searched google and found that i can try to test my connection through Project -> Properties -> Configure Target -> Properties -> Transport : PPP transport -> Test

Problem when i click this is "ACtivesync reported the following error: Unable to Load device side components. Please check server configuration."

My startup server config is Microsoft ACtiveSync and when i click config it says "This server does not require any configuration"

Anyone know how to fix it?
Sylpheed777Author Commented:
ic ic ... thx for the advice. really helped :)

ah didn't know Windows Ce <> Palm.. i've always thoguth them to be the same..

Your very welcome, and that why we're all here! for advice :-)

All handheld devices are categorised by OS, because applications are compiled for a specific OS. There 3\4 major OS's available for handheld devices, Palm being the most widely available, with Windows Mobile (previously CE) rapidly gaining market share. This is why is advisable to categorise your device by OS, so immediately other recognise what OS the device is using.
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