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Vista B2 - Recovery Console?

Posted on 2006-07-14
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-02-01

Upgrade a machine to Vista Beta 2 - system hangs and reboots right during/after agp440.sys - I know a few days to troubleshoot this but in Vista there seems to be no Recovery Console - just a command prompt under "recovery options"

How does one disable a service when there is no listsvc command, and mmc won't start?

thanks in advance!
Question by:Dan Flood
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ID: 17108585
Hi jakyll,
Take a look here: http://www.pro-networks.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=78082 and see if that helps.
Good Luck,

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ID: 17108866
Can you boot to safemode? Try booting from the CD, going to console, and replacing the agp440.sys with a copy from the cd. Sorry for the generic responses, but I am away from my Vista box...

What service is it part of?

Author Comment

by:Dan Flood
ID: 17109158
I am not sure actually - the system gets to AGP440.SYS and then BSOD's with a 7E error....  Not even safemode will work.
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Accepted Solution

windows_eXPert earned 1000 total points
ID: 17110149
Wonderful. I'd try to replace it off the cd.
Unfortunately, Vista is still beta, so it's likely that this is just a beta thing that really can't be fixed. You might just have to format it.
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ID: 17114579
Vista should be installed on a naked machine.  Trying to have two Operating Systems or upgrading to Vista, and beta, is generally going to fail somewhere along the line.

Vistat beta 2 should be tested on a standalone machine.


Hardly any drivers have been written for the 64-bit oriented software and it is far from being stable.

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ID: 17114692
I concur, although I have XP, Vista, and Dapper on the same PC. However, I've never run an upgrade; I've always done a secondary (dual-boot) install. However, both (oldos and Vista) are fucked up now. Try doing a clean install, and see if it is a hardware problem, or just crazy #hit associated with beta and upgrading. To dual-boot XP and Vista:

1. Boot the XP cd. Make a partition half the size (or whatever you want the vista size is) of the disk, and make another one the rest of the drive. Install XP on the *second* one.
2. Boot from Vista, install to the first. Should work from there.

It doesn't look as if you will be able to save the installs. That's the price of being on the bleeding/cutting edge. Sorry...
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ID: 17115197
I have yet to experience anything 'unstable' about Vista.
I loaded it on top of an old XP Pro load and it has been behaving perfectly.

Software 64 Bit drivers are no big deal - because Vista was designed to run 'older' software interchangably.
Most of my hardware drivers are 64 bit and there have been no problems with that either.

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ID: 17118143
I know it *usually* works fine, but it has a larger proportion of bugs than other MS software for a couple of reasons:

1. It was completely rewritten, introducing new and unnoticed bugs. There has simply been less time for them to show themselves, as opposed to XP which has had bugs discovered (and removed) through at least 3 major versions, and several more minor ones.
2. It has probably not been tested on kinky/strange environments, at least not much. So, there is less chance for one to show up.
3. It's still being fixed.
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ID: 17118191
If history has any value, we will probably see lots of 'undocumented features' in Vista, just as we have in all the other MS products.
I am not a cock-eyed optimist, but so far, so good.
I am still keeping one pure XP Pro box running as I play with the Vista box.
For us, XP has been an incredibly stable platform - especially after the problems with NT and WIN2K.
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ID: 17142571
"Software 64 Bit drivers are no big deal "


Secondly, Vista's big push is that it is the first All 64-bit Operating System.

About the stability, "where have I heard that before???"  (2.)  XP IS NT and Windows 2000; stability evolved over about four different names, and nearly 10 years now.

My bet is more discussion and error questions on Vista than all other Windows Operating Systems combined, even here on Experts Exchange.

It's late coming out because everyone had to go back to school to learn 64-bit architecture; school is far from over!

Probelm A.)  We found that Vista could not understand it's own variable names, as in %SystemRoot% being equal to any other drive than the C drive, and therefore, when we installed it on D drive, it was accessing everything in the old XP Operating System on the C drive; obviously, this is not good.

You wouldn't see that problem until it was too late, i.e., Vista overwrote critical files in %SystemRoot% hybriding and totally corrupting the XP Operating System and that would not be evident until the system crashed, which would crash both Operating Systems; a complete system failure and permanent Blue Screen of Death.

No, it's not stable yet, far from it.

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