Using a keyboard shortcut to power on a Dell Optiplex GX520

I few years ago I had a cloned desktop PC that I could power up from cold by doing a CTRL/F12 on my keyboard.

Does anybody know if this feature is available on a Dell Optiplex GX520 - i can't see anything in the bios to configure this.
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i do not think this feature is still supported - it was probably a manufacurer specific bios feature
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Downloaded and skimmed through the manual --> and the GX520 does not have any power options that would allow this.  It DOES support Wake-on-LAN, so you could easily have an icon on ANOTHER computer that would turn yours on (I used this to turn on various computers in my home);  but nothing that allows a keyboard-based power-on sequence.

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Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
some recent dells, say the gx 270 and 280 support a Power On timer in the BIOS, so this may help.  

You may also want to check any Function on Power Resume options in the bios.  These tell the pc what to do when mains power is restored, presumably after a power cut.  But, you could use the same feature to turn a pc on after just plugging it in, or using a mains power timer to turn the power on 5 mins before you arrive in the office...
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@ Garycase-->Would it be possible that this bios feature could be hidden. I've just had a discussion about this in another question concerning the Dell bios features that aren't there. Most if not all Dell computers now carry  Intel boards. Can this or other features be accessed with the Intel Integrator Toolkit.
 Or am I totally off base with my assumptions. I never have used the ITK before and was wondering about its uses.
Figure I better leave a link behind as well for the ITK
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Dell modifies the BIOS on the boards they have; and eliminates many features they do not want their customers "messing" with; so I doubt it's simply "hidden" -- but don't know for sure.   I suspect they have simply been removed.

The IIT COULD be used to "look" at the settings in a specific BIOS file IF Dell has retained the Intel-standard format for their BIOS code (they probably have).   It allows you to see the various BIOS settings;  lock certain ones you don't want a user to be able to see; or hide some altogether (which also locks them).   You can also create customized splash screens (e.g. the "Dell" screen could have been created this way).   You can save the modified BIOS files; and then they can be installed with a standard BIOS installation utility (either DOS-based, for older chipsets, or Windows-based for newer ones).   If interested, the IIT is a free download -- if you extract the files in it you'll find a fairly extensive PDF manual.  (Here's the page that describes it -- there's a download link at about the middle of the page:

... BUT I don't think it will help with this question.   I haven't seen any settings in recent Intel BIOS's that allow a keyboard-based power on to be initiated, so Dell probably isn't "hiding" any.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
... obviously I was writing after your 1st post and before your 2nd => or I wouldn't have duplicated the link to the toolkit :-)
It makes sense that if it keyboard setting isn't on the production boards it wouldn't be on the OEM boards either. I wasn't to familiar with the newer Intel bios to know if it was in there.
metamaticAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the replies. The only reason for asking the question was that I have my base unit tucked right under my desk and find it hard to reach the power switch. Looks like I'll just have to move it!
was my suggestion not good enough   :-(
metamaticAuthor Commented:
Your answer do not clearly state that the feature wan't supported. Maybe it's just a matter of semantics, but words like "i do not think" and "probably" are not conclusive.

Garycase gave a more thorough repsonse, clearly stating the feature wasn't supported and backing it up with reference to the manual.
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