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Hi all,

I'm creating a new website, and I need a few suggestions for the topic, how and what it will be about (it's a new project). I need something that may or may not have a shopping cart (or something resembling this), something that must have an administration (and the regular user part, of course) and it will probably integrate bits and pieces of flash here and there (the menu, for example, a small animation etc, but nothing big).

Example of topics that i've thought of, but are not acceptable (because they're... "old" and common): website for selling/trading   goods/hardware/cars/food/electronics/etc. (usually they have a shopping cart and some presentational features), online website for taking exams  (user/admin part, student/teacher...etc), online traveling agency & reservations, online restaurant & reservations.

As I said, those above are not acceptable. I need something professional and innovative, something that will be created using new and innovative technology, not necessarely used online (maybe a website used to help coordonate some activities between the local centers of a bigger company, a university, distributed computing, etc, things like this) and it's something that in the end will be presented in front of a big group of people, and must make a very good impression, just because of the idea itself .

So there must be new ideas, that will not give the sensation of "deja vu" or something that already is common (or even less common) on the internet, or it has been done before. It may be even something that will be useful only to a handfull of people, but it doesn't really matter, as long as the idea is good.

What i said above leaves little room for other choices, but I hope you can help me.

Edit: just throw in any suggestions, who knows which may be the right one :)
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Serena HsiConnect With a Mentor Marketing ConsultantCommented:
Why don't you build a consulting website for yourself?
hello2youAuthor Commented:
not many experts on this one, huh?
i'd give more points, but i don't have any
sound like you really dont dont what to do?

is this for a uni project sound like you need a idea for your final year project mate.

if so why not look at whats big things are happening in the next 10 years

1) Networked Power
2) RF ID tags (this is a big one) this could change lots, no bar codes, food that reorders itsself in ur home! stock control etc
3) Voice over IP (just look at BT and Tesco) in the UK the aim is to do away with phone numbers by 2012
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o and why not have a look at Ajax

a good site is: - this sort of stuff will get you a 'First'
hello2youAuthor Commented:
thanks all for suggestions. they are all great ideas. i already have some technologies i must use (yes, it's the final year's project), but any kind of other suggestions are ok.
still waiting for more input :)
the ideas above are very good ones, the final year project is all about you going out and researching want you would like to do, in the end the idea must come from you. i have give you some examples by researching deeper into these you will find many innovative things from them which you can base your project on.

my final year project was on Ajax, web standards and SEO. the ideas and examples i wrote about got my paper a frist and published. you need to find somthing not just innovative but by the end of the project to have proven something (maybe something you did not even plan on).

PrimeMastersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When it comes down to choosing a topic, take it from the heart. Pick something that you'll feel comfortable in creating or promoting. Something that will sit well with you for years to come.

Now days, mostly everyone online is out to become financially free. Well if this is you then pick a subject, better yet find out what sells in the summer, fall, winter, etc. This will set you up for the next changes to be made and then target your audience.

Everyday there's a new idea somewhere. Some fail and some succeed. And everyone wonders, what will be the next big thing?. The million dollar idea is everywhere, you just need to take the time to notice it and most times its right in your own head. think about it.
hello2youAuthor Commented:
true, it hasn't been any answers in a long time, but the question is still open. i will double it's value as of now and i'm open to new ideas.
getting late not to have a idea is it not, what have you been doing? most already have made a start, if not most are ment to begin this week!
hello2youAuthor Commented:
it's not late at all. i can start the work with just a basic framework, that can later be extended for any website. and i still have a (almost) full year to finish it.
my choice for building this website is using JSF and Facelets (maybe online marketing is not the right choice for this topic ;) )

the technology might not be the latest "trend", but it's relatively new, and it's good stuff. and the idea behind the website must be also.
i have doubled the question's value, again. please answer.
hello2youAuthor Commented:
sorry for double posting, but i forgot:
for those who answered above, i must work with java, so ruby on rails is not a good choice, since it's not a java based language (but it would have been a very nice idea if i hadn't this constraint, i heard in the USA it's widely used). if i'm mistaken, please correct me.
ajax is again, very good, but it's only marginally related to java, so i may use it, but only as an additional technology. thanks for suggesting.

the technology has been estabilshed though, so please, just ideas for the website. thank you all. i will make my decision in the following two weeks, then this topic will be closed.
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