How do I change the language?


I hope I don't get flamed in here for this... but... I am a Windows XP user... and a beginner Linux user.

I have just started renting a dedicated server to run a website, however when I SSH to it it's all in German... is there any way to change the language?

As far as I can tell it is SUSE... but don't know anymore than that

Thanks for your help
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DonConsolioConnect With a Mentor Commented:
read "Suse 9: Shell initialization" for more infos:

SUSE is not really my subject , but .....

Have a look in your home directory for file


look for a section [Locale]

if you find you have:

  - Country=de
  - Language=de

try changing them to 'en' or even 'us'

log out and back in - see what happens

antumAuthor Commented:
Is that just for the GUI environment?

I need something for the command line... all the messages I get are in German
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ppfoongConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Look into /etc/profile, change this:


to this:


Also, look into /etc/rc.config, change the LANGUAGE to:


antumAuthor Commented:

I had a look into that file and it said I should be making changes in the profile.local but that file doesn't exist... should I create it and put your code in there?

DonConsolioConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From my /etc/profile:

# PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE /etc/profile. There are chances that your changes
# will be lost during system upgrades. Instead use /etc/profile.local for
# your local settings, favourite global aliases, VISUAL and EDITOR
# variables, etc .

simply create "/etc/profile.local" with vi or your fav. editor and write your settings there

to create user specific settings use ~/.bash_profile,  ~/.bash_login,  or ~/.profile.
antumAuthor Commented:

I ended up finding a document on the SUSE site that tells you to create a .bash_profile in the root/ directory and type in

export LANG=

I used en_US.utf8 and it seems to be working fine now.. .and to get the changes to take effect straight away I type source .bash_profile.

Thanks for all your help
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