Messed up computer

A co worker brought in his home computer and stated that it stopped working after a bad rain storm.

The computer gets to the windows XP loading screen, but after about 5 seconds a "blue screen of death" appears, but only for less then a second, then the computer reboots.

THe computer gets to a screen in which I can select safe mode, but it then reboots and goes back to the screen asking how to boot up ( safe mode, start windows normally  etc.. )


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Alan HendersonConnect With a Mentor Retired marine engineerCommented:
Microsoft confess here:
and there's a lot of stuff here which may give you a clue as to the initial cause:
b0lsc0ttIT ManagerCommented:

My first suggestion would be to try to use the option to go back to Last Known Good Configuration.  This page ( on the MS site has some information.

If that doesn't work then use the XP cd to do a repair install.  Can you catch any of the blue screen message?  That information can identify the problem and provide other solutions.

awehmeAuthor Commented:
I caught this on the blue screen


*** STOP: 0x000000ED ( 0x81FE3298, 0xC0000006, 0x00000000, 0x00000000 )

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i just repaired a pc with the same error : i connected the disk to another pc as slave, and ran a chkdsk on it.
I suggest testing the drive thoroughly, since the problems can be hard or software related.
You can use any of these for testing  :
and i would run a ram test too, just to be sure :      

alternatively, you can download ubcd, which contains all those, and more :      
This is a simplified version of the MS article.
Essentially the boot .ini file is corrupt. The reasons why its corrupt can run the gamet from hard drive failure, to virus problems.
Are you able to boot to a CD? I had this problem with a computer previously as well. What kind of computer is it? What OS are you loading, Pro or Home? Are there important files on the drive that MUST be saved? Is there a Norton Ghost image disc that came with the computer that will allow you to simply reimage the drive from the CD? If the files on the drive are expendable you may find it easier to just reformat the drive and reinstall the OS. If there are important files on the drive you could try hooking it up to a known good machine and backing them up or running a checkdisk on it from that machine.
awehmeAuthor Commented:
First I had to find a PS/2 keyboard.

I followed the instructions from the link and got into the recovery console and it corrected the problem and let me boot into safe mode.  I then shut down the computer and it start normally.

Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
You're most welcome, it's great to have a happy outcome, thank you.
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