Network shares not working Have Zone Alarm installed and using a login script in a domain environment at home client computers XP pro, and domain controller server 2003

Ok, so i recently formatted a computer that was running windows XP pro, i just reloaded all programs and began sharing the folders i want to be available on the network, basically i would right click the file and share folder, and then add a few user names that i want to be able to have access to the folders.. When the client computers login say with user name BOB then the login script called login1.bat runs and basically does the net use stuff with name of share next to it.. That is not working.. The only part of the login script that is working are the shares on the server... the shares on the computer that was just formatted are not accesible from any other computer....  a copy of the login script is below...  Don't be frightened by any of the names of folders, that was created on a whacky night with a few friends... Anyways, this did work before i formatted the computer which is called dellsonmandella.... Also, when i go on to the computer running server 2003 and open the file server manager and i try to connect to the dellsonmandella computer it won't happen.... Also, just an FYI, i have ZONE ALARM SECURITY SUITE installed on that computer, and i never did have that installed before, so i really do think it has something to do with that....  THanks and i hope i can getr this working rather quickly.... the main purpose of this is so i can share music between computers and i can listen to whatever in all the different rooms with computers in them.... Thanks in advance!!!

@echo on

net use n: /delete
net use v: /delete
net use w: /delete
net use x: /delete
net use y: /delete
net use p: /delete
net use q: /delete
net use r: /delete
net use s: /delete
net use t: /delete
net use u: /delete
net use o: /delete

net use n: \\Dellsonmandella\~Maxtor_iPod_Backups
net use o: \\dellsonmandella\MaxtorMusic
net use p: \\Server\dixbax\Downloads
net use q: \\Server\dixbax\FTP
net use r: \\Server\dixbax\Music
net use s: \\Server\dixbax\Stuff
net use t: \\Server\dixbax\Documents
net use u: \\dellsonmandella\~PedrosGigger
net use v: \\dellsonmandella\SeagateDrive
net use w: \\dellsonmandella\PedrosE
net use x: \\dellsonmandella\Ipod_Music
net use y: \\Server\dixbax\Email
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go into zone alarm under 'firewall' and add an "IP Range"

Zone: Trusted

Range:  Probably - (but may be different for your LAN).
I´m sure ZONE ALARM SECURITY SUITE  is the trouble maker. This program has a build in firewall which blocks the connection to that computer. Disable Zone alarm and try again.
Windows XP itself also has a firewall, so check that one too.
Did you joint the computer to the domain? with the same old name? I guess the Domain Membership is the cause.try to reset the computer object of this computer. and do a to-workgroup-and-joint-domain-again action.
If you access this computer from the Domain controller, it should be NO problems, since the domain administrators have complete rights to the domain computers.
Further, what is the error looks like?
About the firewall, if you joint the domain, the Windows firewall will be turned OFF.
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PaigePeopleAuthor Commented:
Yeah i did join the computer to the domain after formatting, how do i go about resetting the computer object?? I guess i would go into active directory/computers  and then right click on the computer i want to reset??? As for Zone ALARM security suite, i do not want to turn that off, i would like to just set it to allow these type of connections.... It would serve no purpose for me not to have a working virus protection/firewall on my computer
PaigePeopleAuthor Commented:
ok so i went into active directory   computers and right clicked on dellsonamndella computer and chose RESET, it set computer reset OK  or something along those lines, it did reset the ciomputer account (I think this was what you wanted me to do)  and then i went into FILE MANAGER, tried to connect to the dellsonm,andella computer, and it gave me the same error..


I will now to rejoin the domain again  but im not so sure whats going on anymore???
PaigePeopleAuthor Commented:
yeah i think i did that and added - not working hmmm  i will make sure both wireless and  regular rj45 adapters both have that range   i will just go ahead and add it again anyways....
It would be a good idea to test it with Zona Alarm turned off, just to help narrow down the problem, that way you know if you need to keep looking at ZA or look for something else.
PaigePeopleAuthor Commented:
Well this is what I did to fix the problem... I formatted my computer and reinstalled all my programs, also I changed the name of my computer  and joined the domain... I did this because I tried to delete the old computer name (Dellsonmandella) from the active directory on the computer running server 2003, and it gave me some error message that it couldnt delete the computer from AD because it was dependant on something else, I didnt write the message down, but i can check it out in a few minutes, because the computer is still in the AD.... But i think it was a combination of things that fixed it... I installed Zone Alarm before i even installedf the drivers for the network cards, then it recognized them, and i added the into the trusted zones.... then i shared folders, gave the folders proper security for the users i want to have access and everything seems to be ok.... I wish i didn't give up so fast and format, but i needed a format anyways... So i killed two birds with one stone.... Anyways, thanks again.... I will try and distribute the points correctly
PaigePeopleAuthor Commented:
Sorry that took so long, i was sent to Ohio to do some work... But everything seems ok on my computer, only thing is, i notice a window pops open, well i see it pop up on the taskbar for like 1 second and then dissppears, so i cant tell what it is.... It could be a screen captuiring program or something... I am a little concenered about it.... Any ideas what this may be???
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