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Hello, Can someone please tell me how I go about burning a home made movie which is in PAL Region 4 to make it veiwable on a DVD player in the United States in other words convert to Region 1 NTSC. I have done a lot of discs and I am not convinced that I have done it properly or not. Also once this is done how do I know whether it will work in the United States or not? Is there an easy way of finding this out?
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
:) Multi media is my favourite subject and I only discovered this subject here at EE are last week, I have done so much work in this area over the last ten years, so was rapt to finally show my expertise as I did it the long way, study study study so much to learn back then..., these days everything is so quick and easy.
I do this so many times I could write it with my eyes shut lol.
Maybe you give me an idea i'll just copy my big typing session and save time if I have to use it again,

@ peterandlyn hello hows it going do you have any feedback yet of your progress?
regards Merete

are you using power dvd? please be very careful doing this as you will have only a few times you can change the regeon, once you have used them all your dvd rom or burner will be locked to that regeon so dont use it unless you have to.
Or your drive may be region free 'out of the box' (RPC-1) and there's nothing to worry about
Or your drive could be RPC-2 but have a firmware fix available to make it RPC-1. In which case, download and run the firmware update and hey presto.
Making sure that your DVD ROM drive is RPC-1 or can be upgraded to RPC-1 determines which DVD ROM drive model is chosen by HCPC users. And the Firmware site in the links sections is invaluable for this reason.

I hope you are aware of what regeons are.,fid,16740,00.asp

What you'll need is a dvd burner
nero to burn it or some other mpeg plugin, Nero preferred
dvd shrink which will shrink it to fit a normal dvd cd of 4.7 gig
download dvd sjrink first and install it
here is the guide how to use dvd shrink
one blank dvd cd, not dvdrw
Make a new folder in the root directory of C DRIVE ONLY.
Name it temp or movie.done.

With or with out power dvd, r/click the dvd burner rom drive> properties>hardware>highlight the drive's name in the display of drivees, dvd etc, then properties of this then regeon, it will show you have 4 left.
In power dvd 6 or later
When you try to play a DVD of the "wrong" region for PowerDVD it will complain and ask to change the region setting.
 This will use up one of your five lives .

ok now your ready, put a blank dvdcd near by to swap out the original dvd for the recordable dvd.
 put the dvd in the dvd burning rom drive let it start to play then close it.
open dvd shrink open the dvd in the burning rom and it will check it, using the guide look at the pictures, if all is green and fits the 4.7 gig standard  blank dvd. ok back it up.
choose the temp folder you just created as the temporary location, it backs up to here first then burns to the designated drive name , once it backs up teh dvd it eject your dvd then inplace the blank dvd.
It will replicate it exaclty.
good Luck
just so your not confused name it >> MOVIE <<you may think it should be movie.done lol I just meant your done there now.
Once it finished shrinking it will eject the new dvd, there is a copy of this in that folder in C drive.
This dvd will now only play in your regeon

Region Countries
0 No Region Coding
1 United States of America, Canada
2 Europe, including France, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Arabia, Japan and South Africa
3 Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Borneo and Indonesia
4 Australia and New Zealand, Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America
5 India, Africa, Russia and former USSR countries
6 Peoples Republic of China
7 Unused
8 Airlines/Cruise Ships
9 Expansion (often used as region free)

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I would suggest using DVD Shrink and making it a region free DVD

If you can play this on your DVD player, then it should also work on an American DVD player.
However, remember that all standalone DVD players vary. Some are particular about playing DVD-R, DVD+R discs etc.
Some will play Divx, VCDs etc. others will not. Likewise, not all DVD players can play region free discs, although most modern players are capable of this.

Of course, you can obviously burn as region 1, but without owning an American or multiregion standalone player, you will not be able to test the discs you have made.

Hope this helps!
I already suggested that :)

you suggested a lot! - Do you use a knowledgebase, or did you actually type all that out!!?
- Doesn't leave much chance for anyone else :) but I suppose that's the idea?

Anyway, although we have both suggested the same software, the posts are different and may be useful in different ways to peterandlyn. Sorry if you feel I'm imposing here...

Take care ;)
I typed it all manually, and even fixed the speeling.
peterandlynAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete,

I have posted an acceptance to your suggestions and I do sincerely thank you.
I personally beleive that even though the DVD I burn in Australia PAL Region 4 should still be readable in the United States NTSC Region 1 because we all have access to the different encoding & converting software now through retailers and the internet. I se no reason why the receiver cannot play the DVD also since a lot of players are now region free. Except for the one I own :)
awe man that sucks lol bad luck. Yes there is lots of players now available with regeon free you'll have to check the new hardware before buying and also that of your over seas friends, I buy dvd from Amazon online in USA and china and had to use the zones to copy the dvd  with dvd shrink to zone4 so I could play it on our dvd player on the tv. But since then I have now a regeon free dvd rom  on my computer plus a video card with tv out, so have many choices.
Thank you and good luck
Regards M
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