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USB HDD not recognized by D-Link DI-624S storage router

Good [after] morning folks,

I have a D-Link DI-624S Wireless Router with 2 x USB ports. One is currently connected to a printer and I seek your assistance in configuring my router / PC to allow connection of a 300Gb Samsung HD300LB HDD (IDE) housed in a Skymaster HDA2-U2S enclosure (SATA / USB2) using the USB connection on the back of a D-Link DI-624S wireless storage router.

What I have done so far...

I installed the HDD in the enclosure, verified that the jumpering was set for 'Master' and connected it to a spare USB2 port on my PC (OS=XP Home V2002 w/ SP2). I then used XP's disk management tool to partition (1 active), assign a drive letter (S:) and format (NTFS - no other choice) the drive. The drive was visible in the system and I created four subdir's therein.

I then powered down and connected the new drive to the second USB port on the router, powered up and configured the router to accept the drive.  Initially, for testing purposes, I made no restrictions on the drive's use (Share type = All USB disk without authentication).  Of note was the fact that the drive did not appear in the router's 'network topology' window (found on the Status page of the router setup). The drive appeared in the existing workgroup in the network browser. I assigned a drive letter (R: this time) and it appeared as a logical drive in the tree.  However, the subdirs I created did not appear and when I attempted to create a new folder, access was denied: "Unable to create the folder 'new folder' Access is denied".

Alternatives were attempted without success as follows:

a) Changed HDD jumpering from Master to Slave and then Cable select.
b) Changing the share type from 'Share type = All USB disk without authentication' to 'Share type = c) Configured User and Directiory' with the addition of three users and associated (unsuccessful) attempt to assign one of the directories I created on the HDD. The share setup screen asks for a share directory to be assigned to the user. The java window that opened for this purpose showed the beginning of a directory tree. A '/" character with a closed folder icon directly beneath it and a link next to the folder: '..' underlined. Creating a directory failed with the following message: "Can NOT create directory in "/"! ".
d) Removed the partition and created a new one - but this time without assigning a drive letter.
e) Connecting the HDD to the other USB port on the back of the router.
f) Pouring a overproof rum and Coke and stared pleadingly at the system as a whole... nothing happened (LOL).

I hope I have provided enough information for you to assist me in this rather frustrating problem.

Can somebody please help me?

Thank you kindly, in advance, for your help.

Peter Nagler
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since your external disk seems to work fine when connected directly to your PC, and there is no specific setup for those disks, i would think the router has a problem. try to have a warranty replacement.
PeterNaglerAuthor Commented:
Hey everybody... I just found out why the drive doesn't work on the DI-624S...

The drive MUST be formatted FAT32 and NOT NTFS

D-Link sent me a DOS format utility that does the format.


Peter Nagler
PeterNaglerAuthor Commented:

I forgot to mention that FAT16 is supported in addition to FAT32 file system.


Peter Nagler
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