VPN Client Software ?

what is the best (free or nearly free) VPN client software out there?

I’m using a Linksys RV042 VPN router for our residential clients installations and want remote access to non PC based equipment we installed on site.

I’d like to use my home, office, or laptop to connect form anywhere to a software client seems the only option.

I’ve used linksys quick VPN and the built-in XP VPN software, but not thrilled with either or them.

Id be willing to pay for good software that might perhaps provide the ability to file share my office files.

So I have a couple of different needs for the client software.

For my clients:
Remote connection to non PC equipment we installed

For myself:
Remote connection to our non PC equipment
RDP and VNC connections to our office computers
File and print share with office computers

It would be nice to use all the same VPN software client so I can learn one program and learn it well, since I’m new to this.

So what type of VPN software do people out there like??
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No experience with it, but greenbow is supposed to be compatible

Other than the QuickVPN - I'm also not thrilled with it... and Microsoft, there just isn't a lot out there.
You have two options with Microsoft - standard PPP dialer, or IPSEC policy
Or you might try hamachi
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