3com Superstack3 3300XM for home


well the problem is like this. I got an 3com SuperStack3 3300XM switch at home. Basicly I can't understand really how to make it work with one port as "uplink".

How I want it is like:

Internet Acess
Switch 3300XM
|              |           |
Workstation    Laptop     IP-Phone

So I need to make a port on 3300XM to be a uplink to the Internet Access and the rest of the ports should just switch out through the uplink. Is 3300XM able to that? If so how?
If it's not able to do that? Why and how to make it work then?

Thank you for any help in this.

Robert Csapo
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ECNSSMTConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need a router.  These days you can pick one up for something considerably less than $50.  <$20 if  you find a sale.

The switch is a layer 2 device that will permit you interconnect your computers and other devices to permit them to talk to each other.  If you want something like  internet access you will need a router.

CilshAuthor Commented:
Well, before I had an old Netgear home switch,
x= uplink

and I only have a hole in my wall for broadband. So it shouldn't need a router, cause I have at least 5 IP adress to WAN.
If that is the case; the 3com will function exactly like the Netgear.  If you purchased 5 IP addresses from the ISP; those IP addresses will be assigned by the ISP to your PCs via DHCP.  (or if they are static, the ISP should have some sort of documentation that provides the configuration information)

hmm, all the home installs I've seen, the ISP allocates 1 IP address to the residence and the user; if there are multiple PCs or devices, shares that one IP address thru a NATed router.  The economy here is that the ISP charges per IP address.  

But use 'em if you got 'em; I always say...

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You still need a router - simply because putting "naked" windows systems on the Internet is a BAD idea - with a router you at least have SOME rudimentary protection with NAT and non-port forwarding.

Hope this helps.

you are right about that...
CilshAuthor Commented:
Yeah. sure router is a nice solution.
But the things is, it doesn't matter if I get a router to protect me or not, cause still the switch won't take the the uplink signal.
so that's the problem, the way this was worded it didn't give any indications that there was possibly a physical problem with the switch.

When the 3com is plugged in; what color light appears on the uplink port? (none, amber, green)

If there is no light.  Plug the 3com uplink into one of the netgear ports.  What colors pop up on the 3com and netgear ports?

the amber or green at least indicates that there is some sort of connectivity.  If there is still no light, hopefully it is a question of switching cables (like a straight-thru to a cross-over or visa versa).

Just in case I am wrong; what are the model #s of the netgear and 3com?  

CilshAuthor Commented:
after some vacation, I would like to say. It works.

Switch (netgear similar)
                       Workstation     Laptop       Phone

Thank you :)
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